Lectures and seminars Crossing borders seminar with Niclas Solin, Linköping University

05-03-2024 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm Add to iCal
Campus Solna Peter Reichard, floor 3, Biomedicum, Solnavägen 9, Solna

"Proteins as sustainable materials"

Welcome to a Crossing borders hybrid seminar with Niclas Solin, Linköping University, on Tuesday 5 March 2024 in Biomedicum, Solna. You can also join via Zoom (register via link).


Proteins are highly complex molecules with a rich chemistry and self-assembly behavior. Many of these complex molecules are available as side-streams (sometimes even waste-streams) from industrial processes, meaning that proteins are a promising source of sustainable materials. In this lecture I will discuss how the properties of proteins can be influenced by their self-assembly into fibrillar form and how such materials can be functionalized. I will also discuss how the resulting protein materials can be assembled into macroscopic materials such as gels and films and give examples of interdisciplinary applications ranging from light emitting diodes to drug delivery. 


Anna Herland, Karolinska Institutet, Department of Neuroscience/AIMES

Crossing borders is a webinar series focusing on interdisciplinary sciences, organised in collaboration with KTH Royal Institute of Technology.


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