Internal courses and training Course start: New manager at KI

23-09-2020 9:00 am - 12:30 pm Add to iCal
Other campus Solna and campus Flemingsberg

This course targets new managers at KI with at delegated managerial responsibility.

Congratulations to your new role!

As a manager, you will face many different situations and responsibilities. The basis for a sustainable and efficient manager is to understand the managerial assignment, the leadership required and the organizational conditions. The purpose of this program is to make you feel comfortable in your new role and your future career as a manager.


Course content

Fall 2020/spring 2021

Theme 1: Course introduction, KI´s core values and strategy 2030

Theme 2: Working in a public organisation  

Theme 3: Employment conditions & the role as employer 

Theme 4: Economics

Theme 5: Purchase & public procurement

Theme 6: Communication

Theme 7: Introduction to leadership

Theme 8: Integration of equality and equal terms

Theme 9: Secondary occupations

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Matilda Drakvingen

Process leader