Conferences and symposiums Collaboration in Science 2022 at Campus Flemingsberg

06-10-2022 8:00 am to
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Campus Flemingsberg Jan-Åke Gustafssonsalen, Neo, Blickagången 16
Translational research

To strengthen and promote translational research collaborations between basic science and clinical research, KI and K jointly arranges a conference at Campus Flemingsberg.

Do you want to learn more about what research your colleagues are working on and what services the core facilities offer?

Welcome to Collaboration in Science 2022, October 6-7th!

Karolinska Institutet Campus South and Karolinska University Hospital Huddinge arrange a research conference to stimulate collaboration and spread knowledge on experimental, translational and clinical research including mingle, poster and core facilities exhibition. We will also have a session on education.

Registration closed September 9th


Submitted abstracts

(Abstract submission closed May 31st). Selected abstracts will be asked to give an oral presentation. All abstract authors will receive information about poster or oral presentation at the latest September 9th. All abstracts (core facilities, oral presentations and poster presentations) are published in an abstract book - pdf below.

Oral presentations

All oral presentations should be sent by mail to no later than October 4th. Presentations and computers will be available in the lecture halls. 

Poster guidelines  

Posters may be either landscape or portrait format, however with a maximum width of 72 cm (poster boards are 72 cm wide and 180 cm high so portrait posters are recommended). Researchers can mount their posters preferably on Wednesday October 5th 15:00 - 17:00 or at registration, 7:30 am - 8:15 am on Thursday October 6th. Poster boards and push pins/adhesive will be provided at the meeting. 

Poster can be viewed during coffee and lunch breaks and during the mingle session on Thursday October 6th

Link to video abstracts

Link to video abstracts at KI Play


The best oral, poster and video presentations (from submitted abstracts) will be awarded 20 000 SEK! 

Best oral presentations was awarded to:

  • Gunilla Ajne – “Instrumental vacuum assisted delivery in obstructed labor – time for AI in the birth team” 
  • Andrea Coschiera – “Primary cilia coordinate the differentiation of human LUHMES neurons through the Wnt signaling pathway” 
  • Francesca Eroli – “Polypharmacy treatments as risk factors for cognitivs impairment and adverse outcomes during aging” 
  • Josef Pelcman – “Chaperones regulation – A novel route to fight Alzheimer’s?” 
  • Gwladys Revêchon – “Somatic LMNA mutation and expression of progerin in early vascular aging of chronic kidney disease” 
  • Katharina H. Susek – “PD1-based chimeric-switch receptor expressing NK cells recover from immune checkpoint inhibition in multiple myeloma” 

Best poster presentations was awarded to:

  • Amena Archer: ”Impact of the estrogen receptor (ER) β and the TNFα signaling on the expression of circadian genes in colorectal cancer”
  • Tajpara Poojabahen: ”Functional studies of IPMN microbiota in pancreatic cancer pathogenesis”
  • Christina Samuelsson: ”Speech and gestures in young children with cochlear implants: performance during vocabulary testing with the Picture Naming Game”
  • Jing Wu: ”Cardiovascular Health Metrics and the Risk of Dementia and Cognitive Decline: A Systematic Review and Dose-Response Meta-Analysis”

Best video presentation was awarded to:

  • Laurène Adam: ”Targeting a-synuclein amyloid aggregates with the BRICHOS protein – basis for treatment of Parkinson’s disease”

In collaboration with CIMED.

Program, abstract book and flyer

Presentation Bengt Winblad 6/10

Scientific committee

Ganesh Acharya

Annika Bergquist

Kåre Buhlin

Maria Eriksdotter

Maria Eriksson

Petter Höglund

Thomas Nyström

Paolo Parini

Olav Rooyackers

Elisabeth Rydwik

Eric Westman

Coordinators: Amanda Klein, Marie Franzén


Marie Franzén Coordinator