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16-02-2022 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm Add to iCal

Welcome to Kick-off and network meeting for Clinicum!

The goal of the newly started Clinicum is to offer organise support for clinical and translational research and management of health data within KI and the Stockholm Region.
On the 16th of February, the project will hold a kick-off for researchers and analysts who handle health data in various ways where Anders Gustafsson, Annika Tibell and Clinicum's project group will speak. Representatives of methodological expertise and support functions for clinical and translational research from KI and the Region will also participate.

At present, Clinicum is run in project form at KI, but the goal is for the project to be transferred to the organisation Clinicum in 2023. Read more about Clinicum on the project’s website.

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Clinicum – organised support for clinical and translational research

14.30               Welcome                                                                       
                        Erik Melén och Karin Ekström-Smedby

14.40               Clinicum from KI’s perspective                                     
                        Anders Gustafsson
14.50               Clinicum from Karolinska University Hospital’s perspective                             
                        Annika Tibell

15.00               Why do clinicians need biostatistical support?             
                        Olof Akre

15.15               Questions

15.20               Break

Existing support and infrastructure for clinical and translational research

15.30               Centrum för Hälsodata, Region Stockholm                   
                        Heléne Spjut

15.35               Research Data Office (RDO), KI                     
                        Cecilia Martinsson Björkdahl

15.40               Biostat Core, KI                                                                         
                        Matteo Bottai

15.45               MedSTAT, KI                                                                             
                        Johan Zetterqvist

15.50               Centre for Biostatistics and Bioinformatics, KI               
                        Carsten Daub

15.55               National Bioinformatics Infrastructure Sweden             
                        Sebastian DiLorenzo

16.00               Clinical Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, KI                   
                        Max Gordon och Martin Magnéli

Going forward 

16.10               Current activities and plans                                             
                        Adina Feldman, Sandra Eloranta och Marie Evans
16.20              Data-driven life science, DDLS
                        Janne Lehtiö                        

16.30              Concluding remarks
                        Erik Melén and Karin Ekström-Smedby                     


Louise Betton Educational Administrator