Lectures and seminars CBB bioinformatics seminar: "Single-cell Atlas of Transcribed Cis-Regulatory Elements (tCRE) Reveals Disease-associated Regulatory Modules in Distinct Cell Populations" with Dr. Jay W. Shin

02-10-2023 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm Add to iCal
Campus Flemingsberg NEO, Blickagången 16, room DNA and https://ki-se.zoom.us/j/64503614059
Jay W. Shin.
Jay W. Shin. Photo: N/A

Centre for bioinformatics and biostatistics presents a bioinformatics seminar with Dr. Jay W. Shin

About the speaker

Jay Shin holds a PhD from ETH Zürich from where he went on to RIKEN Yokohama first as postdoc and then as team leader. Since 2022, Jay is senior group leader at Genome Institute of Singapore A*STAR. He is working on the gene regulatory function of non-coding RNA and has a strong involvement in the Human Cell Atlas. 


About the seminar

Our study demonstrates the utility of transcribed cis-regulatory elements (tCREs) identified through single-cell RNA-5′end-sequencing in understanding cell-type specific gene regulation and disease predisposition. Compared to chromatin accessibility-based CREs, tCREs offer more accurate predictions of CRE interactions, greater sensitivity in detecting shifts in promoter usage, and increased enrichment in disease heritability. By applying this approach to a diverse range of human tissues, the study establishes an atlas of over 250,000 tCREs in distinct cell types, enabling the identification of regulatory modules and factors underlying cell-type specific gene expression programs. 


Please note that the seminar starts at 15:00. The seminar is held in English.


Amanda Klein Research coordinator