Lectures and seminars CBB bioinformatics seminar: "An introduction to chromatin sequence analysis and typical applications" with Anastasios Damdimopoulos

21-11-2023 12:15 pm - 1:00 pm Add to iCal
Campus Flemingsberg Neo, Erna Möller lecture hall and https://ki-se.zoom.us/j/64503614059?pwd=ZFZrT3NUZko2bFgzcDhHOEV6UEpFdz09 (PW: 860017)

Centre for bioinformatics and biostatistics presents an educational biostatistics seminar.

We will here present an overview of various methods to interrogate chromatin status using deep sequencing techniques. Among the techniques we will discuss are ChIP-seq, including various histone modifications, ATAC-seq and methylation analysis using RRBS. We will focus on high level concepts of various the chromatin sequencing techniques omitting the very technical details of the downstream analysis pipeline. Instead, we will try to provide answers to what we can expect to extract from each of the techniques and how to interpret our findings. We will discuss routinely performed analysis such as identifying enriched and differential genomic loci. Also, we discuss ways to present results, go through some types of plots found commonly in sequencing papers and how to interpret them.

Before the seminar, a limited number of sandwiches and drinks will be served on a “First come – first served” basis starting 12:00. Show up early and network!

The seminar is held in English.



Amanda Klein Research coordinator