Lectures and seminars Biostatistics seminar: Sandra Eloranta and Paul Dickman

13-04-2023 9:00 am Add to iCal
Campus Solna Wargentin lecture hall

Speakers: Sandra Eloranta and Paul Dickman
Title: Developing institutional research support - Experiences from the Mayo Clinic (and the University of Chicago)


The presentation is a report from our two-week study visit in September 2022 at the Department of Quantitative Health Sciences, Mayo Clinic, Rochester MN. The primary purpose of the visit was to study the Mayo infrastructure for methodological support to clinical research with the view towards developing our infrastructure at KI (i.e., the work of the CLINICUM project). We will provide a brief update on CLINICUM, report on what we observed during our visit to the Mayo clinic (and the University of Chicago) and reflect on lessons for developing support structures at KI (including the importance of job titles, career paths, onboarding, and professional development activities for biostatisticians).