Internal courses and training Biomedicum fire safety course - Swedish

14-10-2021 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm Add to iCal
Campus Solna Eva & Georg Klein, floor 3, Biomedicum.

In October, FM offers courses in Biomedicum's fire protection and fire safety routines.

At the course you will learn more about; 

  • The Biomedicum fire safety organization
  • The building's fire protection and fire protection devices (evacuation alarms, emergency stations, sprinklers, fire compartments)
  • The evacuation routines (how to evacuate Biomedicum in case of an alarm, the assembly point, the role as evacuation leader)  
  • The routine in case of fires involving chemicals or other laboratory hazards (new 2021!)
  • Other alarms in Biomedicum (chemical spill alarm, oxygen alarm, etc

No registration required, however there is a maximum capacity of seats per session. The course will be held in Swedish.

In case of great interest additional opportunities will be offered.

Contact person: Sabina Eriksson, Coordinator and fire safety responsible Biomedicum

Warm welcome!



Sabina Eriksson Coordinator