Internal courses and training Biomedicum courses in work environment: Course in laboratory safety - Basic

29-10-2021 10:00 am - 11:30 am Add to iCal
Online Zoom

You will learn practical and basic things regarding safety in the laboratory in Biomedicum. You will receive information about what services are offered for lab work in the house and what to do if you need help. You will receive information on how to handle chemicals in the lab, what risk assessments should be made, what protective equipment should be used and how to work with biosafety. Information regarding incidents and crises will be provided.

The course is intended for everyone who is new to Biomedicum, but it is also good for you who feel insecure about safety routines in the lab. The course can also be good for you who have been in the lab longer and want to refresh your knowledge of lab safety. 

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