Published: 12-12-2023 22:02 | Updated: 12-12-2023 22:02

Building Community among the AI Cautious and AI Curious

Teams working on computers, analyzing data & collaborating in a modern office.
Teams working on computers, analyzing data and collaborating in a modern office. Photo: Dalle-E 3.

During October, KI together with Mayo Clinic organized an event designed to empower educators and learners to advance health professions education teaching and learning, through innovative use of generative AI. In the spirit of "We are better together" it was an opportunity to experiment with generative AI and together with 200 educators across the world co-constructe a repository of prompts.

On the 25th of October the Unit for Teaching and Learning (UoL) hosted a worldwide generative AI prompting event together with colleagues from the Mayo Clinic. The aim of the event was to introduce staff and international collaborators to prompting, and to offer a space for rapid community driven development and skill-sharing, much in the spirit of higher education’s response to Covid-19 (skill sharing though online synchronous and asynchronous events).

During the ‘promptathon’, as it was called by the organisers: Elissa Hall, Heather Billings, Teresa Sörö, Henrika Florén and Andrew Maunder, there were three online webinar sessions with rich discussions and prompts submitted.

Tutorials from the promptathon

To access tutorials developed for the day, and contribute to the prompt library, please follow the steps on the promptathon webpage. Remember, this is for both curious and cautious users, from novice to more advanced.

Teresa Sörö, expert in dialog based learning at UoL and co-organizer, describes the methodology of the event as part of a broader paradigm shift in how we approach educational development and skill-sharing:

“Whereas once we were used to more formal forms for learning, the high pace of development and the urgency has created more informal ways to learn increasingly through networking. During Covid-19 we could see that researchers and educators harnessed the power of each others knowledge and experience to together form new paradigms and competence. This is very much in line with our unit’s goal of collaborative learning”. 

Photo: Graphics AI generated by Dall-E.

Upcoming activities

The collaboration between Mayo Clinic and KI will continue during next year. In the coming months, the team behind the event will be looking to continue to engage the micro-community built up around this event.

The Unit for Teaching and Learning will be continuing to work with generative AI in the spring, and have recently written and published the article Generative AI - Advice for Educators on behalf of the Committee for Higher Education.


Teresa Sörö Head of Office