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Become a Pedagogical Ambassador in Doctoral Education - Call for proposals

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Pedagogical ambassadors are teachers or persons otherwise active in doctoral programmes or research schools who initially receive funded time to promote educational development. The purpose is to stimulate educational development within KI’s doctoral education. Now the application for a new call is open.

About pedagogical ambassadors

The outcome of the pilot initiative with five pedagogical ambassadors that started in 2021 is positive and the Committee for Doctoral Education has therefore decided to announce a new call. Pedagogical ambassadors are teachers or persons otherwise active in doctoral programmes or research schools who initially receive funded time to promote educational development.

The aim is also that experiences will be disseminated and implemented, as well as that the pedagogical network with new ambassadors will be extended with support from KI's Unit of Teaching and Learning. 

Develop a pedagogical project

During the first year (2024) time will be financed (10 %) to develop and carry out a pedagogical project. Funding at level IK4B according to Instructions for compensation for special assignments for one year will be paid to the department. Thereafter the pedagogical ambassadors are expected to participate in a network for pedagogical development together with the other ambassadors and to form a knowledge base which will benefit the whole of KI. 


You must be active as teacher or organizer, or in some other way taking part in at least one doctoral programme or research school at KI. A maximum of one application can be granted from each doctoral programme/research school.  

Criteria and assessment 

Granting of funding is based on the following assessment criteria:  

  • The project idea and expected results are based on the purpose and objectives of the call. 
  • The project idea is relevant and realistic in terms of implementation and resources.   
  • The applicant’s pedagogical merits and ambitions are appropriate. 
  • The applicant demonstrates ability to supervise colleagues and to disseminate results. 

A selection of applicants will be invited for an interview. 

As an educational ambassador, you will:

  • join a pedagogical network to exchange ideas and knowledge with the other pedagogical ambassadors,  
  • receive professional support from the unit of Teaching and Learning (UoL) and funded time to plan and carry out a development project of your choice within doctoral education, 
  • have the opportunity to disseminate acquired knowledge within KI, and 
  • have the opportunity to increase your own pedagogical knowledge and gain the opportunity to become more qualified. 

As an educational ambassador, you are expected to:

  • work with relevant pedagogical development related to doctoral courses or other educational activities for doctoral students in accordance with KI’s Pedagogical policy and for the benefit of the whole of KI according to your application and by agreement, 
  • initiate and pursue educational work relevant to doctoral education,  
  • lead pedagogical discussions, for example in the form of seminars, 
  • support colleagues/”Critical friends” and share good examples,  
  • immerse yourself in relevant literature on higher education pedagogy, 
  • report/present your efforts and experiences at the end of the funding period, and 
  • be active in the network also henceforth. 


The application shall consist of:

  • CV (maximum 3 pages) 
  • Motivation letter with a short description of the intended educational project idea/activity as a pedagogical ambassador (maximum 2 pages).  
  • Endorsement from the steering group or chair of the relevant doctoral programme/research school to demonstrate your anchoring.

Use the form below for your application.

Applications should be recieved no later than September 29. 

Applications received are reviewed by an assessment team appointed by the Committee for Doctoral Education.  

Call and selection timetable 

  • 6 September: The call opens
  • 29 September: Deadline for applications  
  • October-November: Assessment of applications and interviews with applicants  
  • November: The decision on granting  
  • January 2024: Start up meeting 


For more information, please contact the coordinator of the Pedagogical Ambassadors Gabrielle Paulsson-Berne, the vice-chair of the Committee for Doctoral Education Erika Franzén or the Central director of doctoral studies Ingeborg van der Ploeg.

Video: Pedagogical Ambassadors 2021-2022


Gabrielle Paulsson-Berne Educational Developer