Published: 29-08-2023 13:20 | Updated: 29-08-2023 13:21

Autumn Challenge 2023

Photo: Canva

Do you want to increase your awareness of the environment and climate in a fun, simple and different way, and at the same time feel the pep of being more people doing it at the same time?! Then you should take the chance and join the NVS autumn challenge for 14 days: October 9-22. Everyone can participate!

At some point every day during the period, you will receive an email with a challenge, reflection or an assignment related to the environment and climate to carry out at home or at work on that day. Your email address will not be visible to others in the email as all participants will be secret copies.

You do not have to report to anyone, and you do the best you can! But if you are more in the same department that is participating, it can be fun to share with each other. Maybe you can give each other tips based on what you experience or just discuss further about the challenges.

I hope you want to participate!

Best regards Emma
Sustainability representative at NVS

If you want to join

send your registration to:

Please mark the email with ”Autumn Challenge”.

Registration at the latest:

October 6