Published: 30-08-2023 13:12 | Updated: 30-08-2023 13:48

Aula Medica 10 years!

Aula Medica, Solna campus Photo: Ulf Sirborn

Aula Medica was inaugurated in October 2013 and won the award Building of the Year 2014. Its expression is well known and associated with world-class medical research. Annually, many gatherings are held in the auditorium where the world's foremost people meet and ideas are shared and born.
On October 3rd, we want to celebrate this mighty building's tenth anniversary! All staff invited!

Block the day in your calendar and bring your colleagues to experience, among other things, a light slideshow of previous events in the Erling-Persson hall, or listen to the jazz band performing during the day, or meet the magician who might puzzle you and of course-  walk the "red carpet" at the main entrance.

This day is only for KI staff, so present your KI ID at the main entrance.

I hope to see many of you at the October 3rd celebration!

Richard Becker

About Aula Medica

  • Architect Gert Wingårdh designed the hall and the interior was designed by Ingegerd Råman.
  • The Erling Persson hall can accommodate 1,000 seated guests. In order for it to be so spacious on such a small surface, the point protrudes 23 meters.
  • The hall contains office space for approx. 100 employees, conference facilities for 100 participants, two restaurants and a café.
  • Nobel lectures, research symposia, academic ceremonies and international conferences often take place in the Aulan.
  • The floor area is a total of 12,600 m².
  • The facade is clad with 6,000 panes of glass that together weigh 90 tons.

See the structure of the building at the Cowi web site