Published: 17-11-2023 14:44 | Updated: 17-11-2023 14:58

Are you as KI-affiliated looking for a venue for your next KI-event?

As a KI-affiliate you have the opportunity to book the public area Torget at the University Library in Solna and in Flemingsberg.

Saga Pohjola-Ahlin, Head of unit, University Library
Saga Pohjola-Ahlin, Head of unit, University Library Photo: Bildmakarna

 "Torget is an area where people can meet physically. It is a place for the academic discussion. Our mission from the President include to promote meetings across organizational and subject boundaries. Torget helps us to fulfill that!" - Saga, Head of Unit, University Library   

Torget can be booked for example a mingle, a lecture or a mini-fair. The event needs to be:   

  • open for all
  • free of charge
  • non-commercial  
  • have a link to KI's activities 

Read more about Torget here