Published: 08-02-2024 13:56 | Updated: 11-03-2024 13:09

Apply for KI collaboration awards for doctoral student collaborations with Imperial College London

As part of an initiative with Imperial College London, Karolinska Institutet aims to stimulate doctoral student networking and interaction between KI doctoral students and doctoral students at Imperial College.

This call aims to facilitate new and existing contacts between doctoral students as well as increase research collaboration with the Imperial College London and Karolinska Institutet. The Internationalisation Board is pleased to announce the availability of limited competitive funds for visits. The lab visits can take place within already existing collaborations or to labs with no previous collaborations. If the visit takes place within the Imperial – KI Buddy network, it is encouraged to combine the lab visit with Buddy-network activities. 

The collaboration award provides support for living costs such as transportation and housing of up to 10 500 SEK (including INDI) per person.  The visit should be between 3-10 days but can be extended if co-financing is supplied by the supervisor (should be stated in the supervisor’s support letter).


The application should include: 

  • CV 
  • Document supporting admission as doctoral student at KI (i.e. LADOK readout)
  • Statement of interest and description of the intended activities including relevance to the ISP (max 350 words combined) 
  • Letter of support from the supervisor  
  • An invitation letter from the proposed host

Combine the documents into a single pdf file. Deadline for applications is 10 April (new deadline). Email your proposal to Lotta Lundqvist. Proposals submitted after the deadline will not be considered.

The decision of funding will be made in April. The proposed travel should take place between April 2024 and April 2025.  

The following aspects, in particular, will be taken into account: 

  • Opportunity to use or learn methodology or technology that is unavailable at KI.
  • Strengthening of collaborations between KI and Imperial College London. 


  • Participating in the KI - Imperial College London Buddy Network. 
  • Presenting at the KI - Imperial College London Buddy Network meetings. 
  • Have completed half-time examination (should be stated in the letter of support from the supervisor)

All funded collaboration awards will require submission of a short travel report that will be published on the KI web site.

It is possible to apply for the collaboration award more than once but applicants that never have been awarded an award for visit to Imperial College London will be prioritised. 


For questions regarding this award and for advice regarding contacts with the Imperial College London, please contact Academic Coordinator for UK Pete Williams or International Coordinator Lotta Lundqvist.

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Pete Williams

Senior Lecturer
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Lotta Lundqvist

International Coordinator