Published: 17-11-2023 14:49 | Updated: 20-11-2023 14:12

Apply for assignment as academic coordinator for Karolinska institutet’s collaborations with Japan

Are you interested in contributing to developing KI's overall collaborations with universities in Japan and representing KI in the steering group for the strategic partnership between Stockholm trio (KI, SU and KTH) and the University of Tokyo? 

Strategically, operationally and financially, internationalization has a great and increasing importance for KI's research and education. To further strengthen relations with Japan, the Internationalisation Board is appointing an academic coordinator.

Your role 

The role of academic coordinator is connected to KI-wide international collaborations, which often include several different activities in higher education, research, and innovation. 

The purpose of an academic coordinator is to have an appointed representative with academic competence and good knowledge of the collaborations and actors involved who can handle some of the required tasks and contacts. As academic coordinator, you work in close collaboration with the KI leadership and with the Office for International Relations, where the overall cooperation with Japan is coordinated. You report to the chair of the Internationalisation Board. 

Current collaboration with Japan

KI currently has collaborations with Japanese universities, organisations and research institutes. A few is prioritised for in-depth cooperation and with these, continuous dialogues are held about how the cooperation can be further developed through joint ventures. 
One of the prioritised collaborations is the strategic partnership between the three Stockholm-based universities KI, KTH and SU and the University of Tokyo. 

Prioritised universities and research institutes in Japan are: 

  • The University of Tokyo 
  • RIKEN 
  • Keio University 
  • Osaka University 
  • Tokyo Metropolitan University 

In addition, there are a few organizations in Japan where we have some ongoing contacts and collaborations, for example Tohoku University. 

As KI-wide collaborations develop over time, universities which are prioritised for in-depth collaboration may change. 

The assignment

The assignment as academic coordinator includes, among other things:

  • to represent KI in the steering group for the strategic partnership between Stockholm Trio (KI, SU, KTH) and the University of Tokyo 
  • to promote KI's collaborations at prioritised universities and other organisations 
  • to find synergies between ongoing collaborative activities and keep in touch with KI employees who
  • are active in the relevant region or have collaboration with relevant institutions or equivalent 
  • to contribute to anchoring the collaborations within KI 
  • to participate in existing tasks that require academic competence and are related to collaborations in the current region 
  • to contribute to an increase in mobility for students, doctoral students and researchers between KI and Japan.

Who are you? 

We are looking for you who have: 

  • solid experience of academic leadership 
  • employment at KI 
  • previous experience of cooperation/contacts with Japan

Great emphasis will be placed on personal suitability. Good communication skills are important for the assignment. An overall assessment of the applicants' merits will be made.

Scope of the assignment 

For an academic coordinator, remuneration is provided according to chapter 3 Remuneration to institution, level IK4A in the table Instructions for remuneration for special assignments (in Swedish).

Travels may occur. The assignment is valid until 2024-12-31 with the possibility of extension. Earliest date of access 2024-01-01.

Expression of interest 

Welcome with your expression of interest no later than 8 December, 2023 in the form of a personal letter with justification as to why you are suitable for the assignment and a CV. Send your expression of interest marked with number 1-1022/2023 to Erika Dabhilkar.