Published: 09-05-2022 09:52 | Updated: 03-06-2022 11:01

Apply as mentor to Fellows In Equal Career Development (FIELD) – deadline June 14th

Fellows In Equal Career Development (FIELD) – One KI with equal opportunities through fellow- and mentorship.

Karolinska Institutet is proud to introduce this programme with mentorship, seminars and workshops, to enable you to promote equal opportunities in career development at KI. Both fellows and mentors are welcome to apply before June 14th 2022.


The programme is part of a larger initiative from the Committee for research on behalf of the Faculty Board. The initiative aligns with KI strategy 2030 which states that equivalent employment conditions and career paths should be ensured for all employees regardless of background.

Target group

We are seeking mentors for this programme with a willingness and desire to improve equal opportunities for advancing merits at KI while learning more about career paths in academia and leadership, as well as networking with participants and mentors.

Programme period

The programme begins 5 October 2022 and runs until June 2023 with about one meeting per month. 

You will also need to arrange meetings with your mentee at times suitable for you both.

To be a mentor, we wish that you:

  • Are employed at KI
  • Have an academic level at least equal to associate professor (docent or senior lecturer)
  • Are interested in improving equal opportunities for advancing merits at KI
  • Can attend the event on the 17th of November and even some of the breakfasts in the schedule below



  • Kick-off meeting, 5 October, Solna
  • Off-site, 17 November afternoon, Vår gård, Nacka


  • Breakfast 1, 8.30-10.30, 27 January, Solna
  • Breakfast 2, 8.30-10.30, 8 March, Solna
  • Breakfast 3, 8.30-10.30, 21 April, Solna
  • Last seminar, 15 June, Solna


Registration of interest marked with Ref. No. 2-1957/2022 to be submitted to before 14th of June 2022.

Indicate that you are applying as mentor.
Also enclose the following (preferably joined in a single document):

  • A short CV (1-2 pages) including:

    • Name
    • KI e-mail address
    • Department
    • Gender: male / female / other / do not wish to answer
    • Education and current employment, with division of research / teaching / clinical work
    • Awarded grants in the last 5 years
    • Research interests
    • Most important (max 10) publications
  • Letter (1-page) where you:

    • Describe how and why you are interested in equal opportunities in career development
    • Why you want to be a mentor in the programme

Application process

Prioritisation is as follows:

  • Interest and motivation
  • Equal gender distribution to the extent possible
  • Distribution between departments to the extent possible


Mia von Knorring

Principal researcher

Gisela Bäcklander

Postdoctoral researcher