Published: 26-10-2023 13:17 | Updated: 26-10-2023 13:17

Apply as FELLOW to the FIELD program, deadline 20 November

The FIELD (Fellows In Gender Equal Career Development) program begins in February 2024 and runs until October 2024. The program offers mentorship and seminars to enable you to promote gender equal opportunities in career development at KI.

Target group

The programme is open to junior teachers and researchers at KI with a willingness and desire to improve gender equal opportunities in career development KI, and to learn more about career paths, gender equal opportunities, and leadership in academia, while networking with other participants and mentors. “Junior” in this context means that you have finalised your PhD but not yet become docent or senior lecturer. Applicants of all genders are welcome.


Send your application with Ref. No. 2-3598/2023 to no later than 20 November 2023.

Attach the following (preferably as a single document):

  •  A short CV (1–2 pages) including:
    • Name
    • KI email address
    • Department and degree of employment (in per cent)
    • Gender: male / female / other / do not wish to answer
    • Education and current employment, with approximate division of time between research/teaching/clinical work
    • Awarded grants in the last 5 years
    • Ongoing research projects and participation in education
    • Three most important publications
    • Indicate that you are applying as fellow
  • Letter (1-page) in which you:
    • Describe how and why you are interested in promoting gender equal opportunity in career development in academia
    • Describe something that you think needs to change or be developed to achieve more gender equal opportunities at KI
  • Text (½ page) about what you need and wish from a mentor.

In case of many applicants, priority will be given based on the following:

  • Interest and motivation
  • Equal gender distribution if possible
  • Distribution between departments if possible
  • Degree of employment in per cent

Admission criteria

To be admitted to the program, you must:

  • Have a doctoral degree since at least 2 years, but not yet be an associate professor or a senior lecturer at KI or elsewhere
  • Be employed at KI or be adjunct to research and/or education at KI through employment of at least 20 % 
  • Be able to participate on all occasions (dates specified below, see Schedule)

Program period

  • The program begins on 6th February 2024 and runs until October 2024, with monthly meetings (Meet ups) at Campus Solna and Campus Flemingsberg.
  • You are expected to attend all meetings.
  • The meetings are scheduled to fit timetable for the commuter bus between Solna and Flemingsberg.
  • In addition, you and your mentor group will schedule your own meetings with your mentor.

Number of participants

  • We will accept 24 participants to this programme.
  • You will be part of a mentor group.
  • The mentor will also participate in some of the activities in the programme. 


February 6–7: Retreat at Vår Gård, Nacka
March 14, at 08.30–11.30: Meet up 1 in Solna
April 19, at 08.30–11.30: Meet up 2 in Flemingsberg
May 14, at 08.30–11.30: Meet up 3 in Solna
June 13, at 08.30–11.30: Meet up 4 in Flemingsberg
August 22, at 08.30–11.30: Meet up 5 in Solna
September 20, at 08.30–11.30: Meet up 6 in Flemingsberg
October 17, approximately 08.00–15.00: Final meeting in Solna

The program is given in English and will focus on the following themes:

  • Gender and organisation
  • Work environment and gender
  • Mentors' Career trajectories
  • Academic Citizenship and House hold work
  • Gender Equal Meriting in Academia
  • Leadership and Change


The programme is part of a larger initiative from the Committee for Research on behalf of the Faculty Board. The initiative aligns with KI’s strategy 2030 which states that equivalent employment conditions and career paths should be ensured for all employees regardless of background.

Program responsible and contact

Mia von Knorring

FIELD program responsible