Published: 05-03-2024 14:05 | Updated: 05-03-2024 14:06

Announcement of KI's Prize for Innovation and Utilization 2024

The prize recognizes one or more researchers/research students who have distinguished themselves through outstanding utilization of research results that have led to innovation. Anyone can nominate one or more candidates. Self-nomination is accepted.

You are invited to nominate candidates who are active researchers/research students (employed, adjunct or affiliated with KI). 

to The prize for innovation and utilization, 2024.

Fill in the nomination form: 

  • What distinguishes the researcher you are nominating
  • How has the nominee contributed to an innovation at KI 
  • How has the nominee inspired colleagues and employees.

Send your nomination and the nomination form  latest April 11 to

Please helt us to distribute the information.