Published: 07-11-2022 15:37 | Updated: 07-11-2022 15:39

Anna Wiik is honored with the award Mäster 2022

Mäster is the student's pedagogical prize.

Portrait photo of Anna Wiik, Department of Laboratory Medicine.
Anna Wiik, institutionen för laboratoriemedicin. Foto: Christina Sundqvist

The award Mäster is awarded to someone who has been teaching for an extended period of time in an inspirational and pedadogical way, or who initiated and implemented lasting improvements in the education. (Medicinska Föreningen)

The Board of Medicinska Föreningen has, based on the results of the voting by the members, decided to honor Anna Wiik, Assistant senior lecturer at the Department of Laboratory Medicine with the award of Mäster 2022. Congratulations Anna!

Extraction from the motivation:

“We would like to nominate Anna Wiik for her great contributions on the nurses program. She is responsible for the course Anatomy & Physiology (13,5 HP) which is one of the first courses the nursing students take. Anna Wiik has shaped a pedagogical, information filled and challenging course. The course is a knowledge heavy course which many students are worried about before starting the program, but Anna Wiik breaks it down and makes it managabel for students who have read it. For example through fun lectures and clear schedules."

Read the full motivation on the website of Medicinska Föreningen.