Published: 17-02-2016 20:53 | Updated: 17-02-2016 20:56

Anna Marseglia new Chairman of the NVS Doctoral Student Council

On December 1 2015 Anna Marseglia, PhD student at Aging Research Center (ARC), started her new assignment. She succeeds Muhammad Al Mustafa Ismail.

The past years the council has focused a lot on increasing its visibility and making students and others pay attention to the council's activities. The next step, and the future main goals that Anna Marseglia will focus on, is to increase the PhD student´s involvement and participation in the council.

“I want to create opportunities for a stronger community among PhD students, and improve our ability to cooperate. Interaction and ability to take actions are key words. The needs of the doctoral students will be our main focus, both in terms of the student aspect and the social aspect of being a PhD student. We will invest in joint activities such as kick-off meetings with mingle and various interest groups, says Anna Marseglia”.

In January, the first meeting of the council was held. Remaining now is to appoint a Vice Chairman.

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