Published: 19-11-2021 10:29 | Updated: 19-11-2021 10:29

Anna-Karin Welmer and Eric Asaba appointed pedagogical ambassadors

Anna-Karin Welmer and Eric Asaba, NVS. Photo: Private and Selma Wolofsky

Anna-Karin Welmer and Eric Asaba from NVS have been appointed as pedagogical ambassadors for the doctoral education together with three additional KI employees. The purpose of this one-year pilot project is to stimulate pedagogical development in doctoral courses.

This is done through funded time for pedagogical ambassadors and the start-up of an educational network within postgraduate education with support from the Department of Teaching and Learning (TL).

The project aims to pave the way for good examples, "best practices", related to doctoral courses, which can benefit the entire KI. Workshops and working methods, etc.m., developed under this initiative, will serve as inspiration and support for postgraduate teachers at KI and promote future pedagogical development through the dissemination of experiences.

"The pedagogical ambassadors are a new way to raise educational issues and stimulate pedagogical development in doctoral education. During the pandemic, we have taken a major step into digitizing doctoral education courses with new ways of working and pedagogical tools, and there is a great need for further development and support," says Erika Franzén, Chair of the Course and Programme Committee and Vice Chair of the Committee for Doctoral Education. 

The project is co-financed by the Course and Programme Committee, doctoral programmes, and the Committee for Doctoral Education (Strategy 2030).