Published: 01-06-2023 08:34 | Updated: 01-06-2023 08:36

An update from our environmental and sustainability representatives

Sustainable Development at NVS. Photo: Pixabay.

There are many things going on at the moment, regarding sustainable development at NVS. Emma Swärdh and Sumonto Mitra have an ambitious commitment, which has led to several concrete results such as a survey, action plan and website.

Emma Swärdh and Sumonto Mitra, environmental and sustainability representatives at NVS. Photo: Private

What are you most satisfied with so far?

The dedication! The NVS action plan for environment and climate is now finalized and we are very happy for the encouragement and coordination we received from the NVS Head of Department, the Department Council, NVS editors and colleagues. Many employees have responded to our survey on sustainable development at NVS, which is so grateful, and we have also had the opportunity to interview four international and national researchers in the field of planetary health for our new website. It has been a privilege to take part in their enormous wisdom and hope for the future!  All of this demonstrates the amazing driving force and sense of 'we are doing this together' that exists within this field.

How will we notice your work in the future? 

During the NVS Environmental and climate awareness year we will present different theme months where a certain topic is highlighted. All employees will be able to access information and materials on this theme through the website, in NVS news, at workplace meetings or in the buildings, which we hope will inspire both reflection and action. Later in the autumn, we will also offer a workshop on teaching and learning for sustainable development as well as providing a Christmas calendar in sustainable development. Hopefully we will be able to offer some surprises along the way.

What are your goals for the next few months?

Planetary health. Photo: Pixabay.

The goals are to create awareness and a hopeful commitment and conversation on Sustainable Development among NVS employees, in particular on aspects of environment and climate change. We hope that this will give rise to reflections on behaviors, values and norms in each individual but also in the institution as a whole. Since we are a broad department, the work environment as well as sustainable development challenges and possibilities might vary, which needs to be addressed differently. We therefore hope to create different opportunities for motivation so all employees will feel ready to start a journey towards a more sustainable future. The NVS sustainability survey that is now ongoing gives us an insight into environmental attitudes among the employees but also a possibility to identify aspects of sustainability development where we will need to put more focus on in coming times.

What message du you want to give to NVS employees? How can everyone address these issues as a first step?

All of you are needed! The urgency is now when it comes to aspects of environment and climate, however there is also so much hope within this journey we all have to make. We need to be creative in changing behaviors for sustainable development, both in our daily work but also in private lives, where each of us can contribute to bring about a change. Start with simple things that are meaningful to you, highlight the things you will gain from changing the behavior, use your peers as support and create your own positive sustainable development story.