Published: 10-02-2023 17:48 | Updated: 10-02-2023 17:48

An afternoon about research communication

Sharon Kagwa talks about concerns and what to consider when communicating your research through social media. Photo: Annika Clemes

The Division of Nursing hosted an afternoon focused on how to reach out and communicate research and research results. The event took place on February 2, in cooperation with the divisions of Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy, PUF-V and the KI Communications and Public Relations Office.

Peter Andréasson, KI director of communications and public relations, discussing research communication. Photo: Annika Clemes

Peter Andréasson, KI director of communications and public relations, described the overall communications strategy at KI, sorted out the options and choice of communication channels, and explained the central support organization for research communication. Annika Clemes, communications officer at NVS, described her role in local support at the department level.

Anahita Amirpour, PhD student, shared several examples on how to share research using social media, and Sharon Kagwa, PhD student, pointed to some reservations about social media and what to consider before publishing research there.

Anahita Amirpour shared her experiences of working with social media, such as pod and Instagram. Photo: Annika Clemes

A little over twenty people attended and took a great interest in the discussions, especially the inspiring talks by Anahita and Sharon.