Published: 28-06-2024 15:53 | Updated: 28-06-2024 16:05

Amended delegation from president to deans and departmental groups

Following a presidential decision that comes into effect on 1 July, the roles and mandates of KI’s deans are to be amended. The change is an outcome of the development of KI’s strategic focus areas.

Matti Sällberg, Carl Johan Sundberg och Sten Linnarsson, KI:s nya dekaner.
KI's deans: Matti Sällberg for KI South, Carl Johan Sundberg for KI North and Sten Linnarsson for KI Solna. Photo: KI.

KI’s 21 departments are divided into three departmental groups: KI North, KI Solna and KI South, each led and coordinated by a dean appointed by the president. The deans form part of the president’s management group and have responsibilities and authorisations regulated by the President’s Decision-Making Procedures and Delegation Rules. This document will be supplemented on 1 July with a “Decision regarding delegation to deans and departmental groups’ management groups” (ref. no: 1-564/2024). 

The decision clarifies the dean’s delegation for the coordination of departmental group activities; clarifies the personal responsibilities of the constituent heads of department; and creates within each departmental group a formal management group for the development and anchoring of strategy etc.

Deans and heads of department have participated in the preparation of the new document, which has been drawn up within the framework of KI’s strategic focus areas and Assignment B1: “Define the roles and mandates for the management organisation”.

Work continues this autumn

At the start of this year, President Annika Östman Wernerson appointed Carl Johan Sundberg Dean of KI North, Sten Linnarsson Dean of KI Solna and Matti Sällberg Dean of KI South.

“To strengthen KI going forward, closer cooperation between the university management and the departments is needed. I’m pleased that we were able to clarify the roles of the deans and departmental groups together this spring and look forward to developing our collaboration,” she says.

The development process will continue this autumn, when it will be harmonised with more of KI’s strategic focus areas, including focus areas B2 “Review of committees and boards ahead of forthcoming election period”, C “Strategic and needs-driven skills supply” and D “Sustainable and future-proofed finances”. The work will also include a review of the wording of central steering documents, such as the President’s Decision-Making Procedures and Delegation Rules.