Published: 12-12-2023 17:06 | Updated: 12-12-2023 17:12

Advice and suggestions on generative AI in education

An illustrative image for a webinar on ‘Generative AI in Student Writing’, featuring symbols of AI and writing
Photo: Bing Chat/Dall-E.

Advice and suggestions on generative AI in teaching and assessment are now available. They can serve as a guide in questions related to the technology of generative AI.

"This is advice and suggestions, not recommendations. The development of generative AI is rapid and continuous and we believe that this can be a support for educators at KI," says Henrika Florén, educational developer at Unit for Teaching and Learning and project manager for the project "Use of generative AI in teaching and examination" during the autumn.

About generative AI

The arrival of this new technology poses the question of how the academic world can adapt. Whilst the majority accept that the generative AI is likely to become embedded in the academic context in the medium term, the challenge is how to handle the transition to this new world where such tools are the norm, and our AI-literacy is at an appropriate level in order to take full advantage of the affordances of these new tools, while avoiding the downsides.

  • Generative AI is the umbrella term for AI models that have been trained on massive amounts of data AI models and can use this to generate 'new' statistically likely but not necessarily correct text, images and other media based on a prompt.
  • Recently KI staff gained access to Bing Chat Enterprise/Bing Co-Pilot, a tool which can process and generate images and texts. Other generative AI tools are ChatGPT, Midjourney and Dall-e.

The project

The advice is developed by the Unit for Teaching and Learning (UoL) within the framework of the project "Use of generative AI in teaching and examination" (autumn 2023), on behalf of the Committee for Higher Education (KU).

The work with generative AI in education will continue during 2024. 


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