Published: 19-06-2024 11:23 | Updated: 24-06-2024 09:36

Admin Newsletter for staff and affiliates at NEURO - June 2024

Green meadow with summer flowers in white, read, pink and yellow.
Green meadow with summer flowers. Photo: Pixabay. Photo: Pixabay

Administrative news for staff and affiliates at the Department of Neuroscience (June 2024).

A word from the head of administration

We at the NEURO administration would like to thank you for a great first half of 2024! We look forward to a fall with new challenges together with you all!

Please note our availability during the summer as per below.

On behalf of our head of department, and as mentioned by HR, we will send out a survey about the department's work environment after the summer break. I would like to urge you all to participate and answer the questions in order to make a greater impact. Many thanks in advance.

The administration wishes you a nice summer and see you in the fall!

All the best

Departmental coffee

The Departmental coffee is now on summer break and will be back this fall.

Availability during Summer 2024

The administration is unmanned between 15-26 July. In case of emergency, please contact the Head or Deputy Head of Department and/or Head of Administration during this period.


  • Head of Department (Prefekt): Gilberto Fisone, out of the office between 22 July–9 August (can be contacted by email or phone during leave)
  • Deputy Head of Department: Lennart Brodin, out of the office between 1 July–2 August (can be contacted by email or phone during leave)
  • Director of studies for undergraduate eductation (GUA): Björn Meister, on duty during the summer
  • Head of Administration (AC): Sigge Berglann, out of the office between 20–26 June, 3–12 July, 18–23 July and 29 July–2 August (can be contacted by email or phone during leave)

Financial unit

  • Controller: Therese Brogårde, out of the office on 4–5 July, 10–30 July and 7–9 August
  • Financial officer: Patricia Kouassi, out of the office between 24 June–7 August



Communication & web

  • Communications officer: Lotte Brandt, out of the office between 25 July–23 August

Human Resources

Illustration of survey
Illustration of survey Photo: Pixabay

Organisational and social work environment at NEURO

The HR-unit has started a process to investigate the organisational and social work environment within the department, requested by the Head of the Department. The purpose is to create conditions for a good work environment and build a structure for the systematic work environment work.

A survey will be sent out after the summer vacations. The survey will be completely anonymous and it’s of utmost importance that everyone submits their answers.

Contact HR

Please remember to send any HR-related matters, primarily by email to

Both Felicia and Malin will be on vacation between 15–26 July. For urgent matters during this period please contact the Head of the Administration, Sigge Berglann.


Image with several items connected to finances; a calculator, a chart.
Photo: Pexels

Invoicing handling

We would like to emphasize that we must follow the department's delegation order and the two-hand principle applying to all departments and carefully distinguish that we have a person who handles orders of services/goods and a manager within each research group that certify each invoice. A manager must therefore only certify and not approve an invoice.

Financial closure

The financial closure is approaching and UBW/Agresso Web is closing on 3 July 2024. Hence, all supplier invoices should be approved and authorized by 2 July 2024, at the latest.

Contact Financial unit

For any finance/economy-related matters, please remember to use the email address

Doctoral education

Books hanging on twines, nailed to a plank horizontally on the wall. Beneath the books lies a hammer.
"Nailed" doctoral theses on a wall in Biomedicum, Campus Solna, in spring 2021. Photo: Katarina Sternudd

Welcome to newly admitted doctoral students

Doctoral theses defences

Congratulations to:


Sigge Berglann Head of Administration