Published: 22-06-2023 12:21 | Updated: 11-03-2024 17:24

Admin Newsletter for staff and affiliates at NEURO - June 2023

Aula Medica against a blue sky, a bird is flying by.
Aula Medica. Photos from photo shoot May 24 2022. Photo: Liza Simonsson

Administrative news for staff and affiliates at the Department of Neuroscience (June 2023).

A word from the head of administration

We are happy to announce that Malin will soon be joined by Felicia, our new colleague and HR partner. Felicia will begin her employment on 7 August 2023, which means we will have our HR function fully in place again. She has a great deal of experience and has worked at several universities before joining KI. More information to come.

Finance/HR teams 

In the autumn, we will continue just as before, dividing the PI groups within the two Finance/HR teams, and Felicia will be partnering with Patricia.

Departmental coffee

The Departmental coffee is now on summer break and will be back this fall.


On another note, we still have a stock of mouthguards in the Admin quarter (A3), since the pandemic. Please let us know if you have a need for any.

Neuro Admin availability over the summer

Make sure to check Neuro Admin's availability during the summer.

We wish you a fantastic summer!


Availability during Summer 2023

The administration is unmanned between 17–21 July. In case of emergency, please contact the Head or Deputy Head of Department and/or Head of Administration during this period.


  • Head of Department (Prefekt): Gilberto Fisone, out of the office between 10–21 July (can be contacted by email or phone during leave)
  • Deputy Head of Department: Lennart Brodin, out of the office between 26 June–28 July (can be contacted by email or phone during leave)
  • Director of studies for undergraduate eductation (GUA): Björn Meister, on duty during the summer
  • Head of Administration (AC): Sigge Berglann, out of the office between 3 July–4 August (can be contacted by email or phone during leave)

Financial unit

  • Controller: Therese Brogårde, out of the office on 22 June and between 13 July–1 August and 4–18 August
  • Financial officer: Patricia Kouassi, out of the office between 17 July-18 August


  • HR officer: Malin Guvéus, out of the office between 22 June–7 July, 17–21 July, 28 July–4 August and 14–16 August


  • Doctoral education administrator: Victoria Balabanova, out of the office between 26–30 June and 17 July–11 August
  • Education administrator: Elinor Schüberg, out of the office between 3 July–11 August
  • Education administrator: Marianne Rothoff, out of the office between 26 June–4 August

Communication & web

  • Communications officer: Lotte Brandt, out of the office between 24 July–25 August


Malin is currently on vacation and will work on and off during the summer, to attend to HR issues in the best possible way.

In order to cover the gap, and before our new HR partner is in place, we will help one another between departments as best we can. Thus, we will be able to handle urgent HR-related issues such as access to the building, changing passwords, etc. Sigge/AC will also be available during the summer if there are any urgent matters to attend to.

We would like to thank you for your patience and for bearing with the current situation.

Please remember to send any HR-related matters, primarily by email to

Image with several items connected to finances; a calculator, a chart.
Photo: Pexels. Photo: Pexels


Invoicing handling

We would like to emphasize that we must follow the department's delegation order and the two-hand principle applying to all departments and carefully distinguish that we have a person who handles orders of services/goods and a manager within each research group that certify each invoice. A manager must therefore only certify and not approve an invoice.

Financial closure

The financial closure is approaching and UBW/Agresso Web is closing on 5 July 2023. Hence, all supplier invoices should be approved and authorized by 4 July 2023, at the latest.

For any finance/economy-related matters, please remember to use the email address

Doctoral education

Student and staff talking during the study fair
Photo: Liza Simonsson

Welcome to newly admitted doctoral students

Doctoral theses defences

Congratulations to:

Alex Wong, 17 March 2023
Title: "Novel Fluorescent tools and techniques for 3D imaging of the cleared brain"

Dominika Radziun, 26 May 2023
Title: "Body perception and brain plasticity in blind and sighted individuals"

Elliot James Glotfelty, 19 June 2023
Title: "Mitigating Neuroinflammation: New Potential Therapeutics and Targets"

Johanna Frost Nylen, 19 June 2023


Students sitting next to computer
Students sitting next to computer Photo: Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash

KI RIMS to be launched this fall

Throughout 2023, a project is underway to launch KI RIMS, our new system for managing our research information. It will make managing information about both individuals and different groups easier, and it will give researchers the opportunity to make information about their own research more visible than today. 

Photo: Marie LInd

Join the reference group for KI's language policy

KI is working on developing a university wide language policy and we are looking for people who want to be part of a reference group. As a reference person, you will be able to give feedback on the proposed language policy. Do you want to contribute? Your opinion is valuable to us. We need you for approximately two hours on two occasions after the summer.

Contact Emma Hägg via email no later than 22 June 2023.

PMR-30 Platform 2D Rocker
PMR-30 Platform 2D Rocker Photo: Lina Cordeddu

Buy and sell lab and office equipment

Do you have anything to sell, give away or do you need equipment which may be found within KI. On this page you will find current ads. Just contact the person responsible for the ad, if you're interested. You can also add your own adverts, however you may only sell equipment belonging to KI.


Sigge Berglann Head of Administration