Published: 12-12-2022 17:23 | Updated: 12-12-2022 17:23

Admin News #2/2022 for staff and affiliates at NEURO

The lecture hall building, old Swedish houses, and trees on Campus Solna, everything covered with snow.
Aula Medica and Gammelgården on Campus Solna, December 2018. Photo: Katarina Sternudd

Administrative news for staff and affiliates at the Department of Neuroscience (issue #2/2022).

A word from the head of administration

Dear All!

We look forward to seeing you at the Neuroscience Christmas Mingle on 19 December. Neuro admin wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Christmas ornaments and lights.
Photo: Toni Cuenca, Pexels.

Christmas mingle

Join us for the Neuro Christmas mingle/after work on 19 December 2022, starting at 16:30, in the cafeteria on floor 3 in Biomedicum.

Availability during the holiday season 2022-2023

Please note that the administration at Neuro will be unmanned on 26 December 2022 (Boxing Day) and 6 January 2023 (national holiday). In case of emergency, please contact the Head or Deputy Head of Department and/or Head of Administration.

See availability and contact information to the adminstrative unit at Neuro during the holiday season.

Human resources

As previously mentioned, our HR Manager Axel Bergwik, is taking a leave of absence for another governmental position for the first half of 2023. Axel will be working his last day on site in Biomedicum on 13 December 2022. We all wish you good luck with your future endeavours Axel!

We would also like to announce that Malin Guvéus' temporary position has turned into a permanent one, so welcome once again Malin!

On 2 January we will welcome our new HR-partner, Louise Hasslev, who will be replacing Axel during his leave of absence. Louise has broad experience from several positions within HR and most recently from the Swedish Defence University. Previously, Louise worked at KTH where she held a similar position. Welcome to the Department of Neuroscience Louise!

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Photo: Pixabay

ICE/Emergency contact

On 5 December, an email (from KI’s HR archive with the sender email address: NoReply was sent out to all employees at KI where you were asked to fill in information for one or two emergency contacts. Please check that the mail has not been sorted as spam or in other folders like “others” in your inbox.

It is very important to follow the instructions in the email since KI as an employer sometimes needs to contact people close to the employee, in case of serious illness or an accident at work.

Nominate candidate prize
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Candidates to the Neuro Advisory Board

We are currently recruiting one representative for PhD students and one for postdocs to the department Advisory Board, a forum which assembles representatives for PhD students, postdocs, PI and technical/administrative staff twice per semester in order to discuss various topics with our Head of department, HR and Head of Administration. 
This is an opportunity to raise questions and have a dialogue concerning, for example, staff and organizational issues directly to parts of the department management. As of today, we have one representative for respective staff groups, but we would ideally have two.

If any of you are interested in becoming a member in the Advisory Board, starting next year, please contact no later than 31 December 2022.

Salary specification

As of December 2022, everyone who receives a salary from KI will have their specification sent to Kivra. As an employee, you can also find your salary specification in the PA web.

Contact HR

Please remember to use the email address for any HR-related matters.


Decided INDI level for Neuroscience 2023 (unchanged compared to 2022)

INDI for research is 22% (Neuroscience 7,50% and KI 14,50%) and INDI for education is 50% (Neuroscience 12% and KI 38%).

Financial closure

The financial closure for 2022 is approaching in the UBW/Agresso Web. All supplier invoices should be approved and authorised by its closing on 5 January 2023 at 12:00 (noon) at the latest.

Contact finance/economy

For any finance/economy-related matters, please remember to use the email address

Doctoral education

Welcome to newly admitted doctoral students

Doctoral theses

Congratulations to:

Moritz Weglage, who successfully defended his thesis entitled "A critic in action? A functional examination of the Striato-Pallido-Habenular circuit" on 10 June 2022. Main supervisor Konstantinos Meletis.

Anna Tokarska, who successfully defended her thesis entitled "Diversity of striatal interneurons: connectivity and functions" on 17 June 2022. Main supervisor Gilad Silberberg.

Nicholas Judd, who successfully defended his thesis entitled "Escaping the riptide: Probing the malleability of cognition" on 17 June 2022. Main supervisor Torkel Klingberg.

Lars Forsberg, who successfully defended his thesis entitled "Principles of regional covariance in brain structure" on 22 September 2022. Main supervisor Fredrik Ullén.

Frederik Elberling, who successfully defended his thesis entitled "Alterations in circadian entrainment : translational value in major depression" on 30 September 2022. Main supervisor Sandra Ceccatelli.

Charles Petitpré, who successfully defended his thesis entitled "The molecular basis of spiral ganglion neurons: diversity and development" on 21 October 2022. Main supervisor François Lallemend.


Sigge Berglann Head of administration