Published: 24-10-2022 13:58 | Updated: 25-10-2022 12:21

A successful first FyFa PhD student event

Picture of PhD students event, a group standing besides a table eating another group sitting besides a table eating.

The first occasion of the FyFa PhD student event at the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology was held on Friday 7th October. The event, which was organized by the doctoral students Stefania Koutsilieri and Eva Berenger, was very successful and appreciated.

Picture of a woman standing besides a table with food picking her food
FyFa PhD student event

Eva and Stefania, can you please tell us about the PhD student event, why is it needed?

"These two years of pandemic in combination with the high workload of the PhD students have indeed isolated us in our own ‘experimental world’. Social activity is the key to work-life balance and importantly, the social interaction with our fellow PhD students who share the same concerns will allow us to build a network of support, as well as potential collaborations."

What did the event consist of?

"The primary goal of this event was to get to know each other; each one of us introduced ourselves stating the group and project we are working on. After that, a small quiz with questions related to our Department was carried out in an effort for all of us to become more involved in FyFa. The rest of the evening we got to know each other through fun activities."

When does the event takes place?

"Every first Friday of the month, a different small group of PhD students will be responsible for the organization of this event."

The PhD student event on 7th October, how was the event received?

"The first get together meeting was very well received, as shown by the active engagement of the PhD students during the evening and their willingness to organise the upcoming events. The contribution of the Department so as to make this gathering successful was very much appreciated and the winners of the quiz enjoy their morning coffee in the plum cups with our university logo."

What is there to look forward to during upcoming events?

"We aspire that more and more PhD students will participate in these events, so that at the end, no introduction of one another will be needed. Hopefully, such gatherings will allow every PhD student to feel part of the FyFa family."