Published: 02-05-2022 08:49 | Updated: 10-05-2022 17:09

A residence permit for doctoral studies can now be granted for up to four years at a time

Doctoral students can now receive a residence permit for doctoral studies for up to four years directly, instead of two years as before.

For the supervisor, it is important to clearly describe the doctoral education and state the estimated end date (public defence) in the attestation of studies for the Swedish Migration Agency. It is also important to state whether there are any planned stays abroad during the doctoral education (according to the sandwich model), as the doctoral student must spend at least half of the time in Sweden during the permit period applied for. A continuous stay abroad of up to a quarter of the permit period can be accepted.

For the doctoral student, it is important to review his/her passport so that the validity period is long enough as the permit cannot be granted for a longer period than the validity of the passport.

Updated checklists and examples of attestation of studies are available on the Swedish Migration Agency's website. More information about residence permit for doctoral studies at the Swedish Migration Agency website and Residence permits for doctoral students at KI website.


Ulla Tunkara International coordinator