Published: 2021-06-04 07:42 | Updated: 2021-09-13 08:56

A new self-service portal for IT support will be launched on June 15

KI's IT Office launches a new self-service portal that replaces the previous support function that was handled via email to helpdesk. On the self-service portal you can create a support case to helpdesk, but also search for information in several subjects via a large number of articles.

From June 15th IT support is handled via the self-service portal and the address to helpdesk will no longer be open for support. You can also contact IT support by phone. IT support at KI

KI IT Selfservice 

5 questions about the new self-service portal

    Oliver Phalén, Teammanager Helpdesk.

    What will be the biggest differences for me as an employee?

    You will create your case via the self-service portal instead of via email to it support. When you create your case, you will have to answer a few questions about your issue so that we more easily can understand what you need help with.

    You will also get automatic suggestions of solutions based on your search, to be able to answer your question faster. The difference is also that you have your entire case saved in the self-service portal and can easier return and follow it.

    How will I get answers to my IT cases?

    You will receive your answer in the self-service portal and get an email when your case is updated.

    If I have an active support case when the address for it support shuts down - where do I get my answer?

    All cases created before June 15th are answered via the email for IT support, as before.

    How do I find the self-service portal?

    The self-service portal will be available as an icon on all KI standard computers. You will also be able to access it from the KI Staff Portal.

    What are the best things about the new self-service portal?

    • You have access to a large number of self-help articles 24 hours a day.
    • IT support becomes more uniform and easier to follow
    • For you with a KI computer, the Self-service portal is integrated - you do not need to log in.