Published: 05-12-2022 15:17 | Updated: 05-12-2022 15:20

A great November harvest for MTC

Fireworks Photo: Pixaby

Congratulations to the many MTCers who have received grants or awards from Swedish funding agencies and from KI this November. No doubt, the department has a very strong future with all these wonderful projects!

Cancerfonden (Swedish Cancer Society) Project Grants

  • Marie Arsenian Henriksson
  • Magda Bienko
  • Ingemar Ernberg
  • Mikael Karlsson
  • Claudia Kutter
  • Michael Landreh
  • Sylvain Peuget
  • Susanne Schlisio
  • Galina Selivanova
  • Margareta Wilhelm


Formas (Swedish Research Council for Sustainable Development)

International Network Grant for the Sustainable Development Goals

  • Akira Kaneko


Vetenskapsrådet (Swedish Research Council)

Research Project Grants in Medicine and Health

  • Jonathan Coquet
  • Nicola Crosetto
  • Ulf Ribacke
  • Ben Murrell


Proof of Concept within Infection

  • Vicente Pelechano Garcia


Research Project Grants in Natural and Engineering Sciences

  • Gerald McInerney
  • Ute Römling


Consolidator Grant 2022 (Natural and Engineering Sciences)

  • Ben Murrell


Research Project Grants in Development Research 

  • Akira Kaneko


Swedish Network Links

  • Akira Kaneko


KI Grants and Awards

Consolidator grant

  • Michael Landreh
  • Edmund Loh
  • Benjamin Murrell


Jonas Söderquist Prize in Virology and Immunology

  • Daniel Sheward