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Published: 2020-02-03 13:24 | Updated: 2020-02-05 15:55

A few words from the Head of Department

Dear LIME colleauges! In this first LIME Newsletter for 2020 I would like to take the opportunity to summarize the past year and begin by thanking you all for your contributions to the “inner and outer life” of the department in large and small matters.

Carl Johan Sundberg. Photo: Martin Stenmark.
Carl Johan Sundberg. Photo: Martin Stenmark.

The largest notable change during 2019 was beyond doubt the relocation in June when all in Widerströmska became co-located to floor 4 (NASP remains at Granits väg 4).

To be housed on the same floor level, instead of on three separate ones, has provided enhanced opportunities for social interaction that is likely to facilitate new collaborations apart from the improved economic benefits following more efficient use of rented space. In addition, the relocation also contributed to the birth of the “RuFFA” room, earmarked for physical activity and mental recuperation – a bonus made possible thanks to engaged colleagues.

Another important group formed in this process is Trivselgruppen (the “thrive/comfort/well-being/prosper/flourish” group), that will provide improvement measures to enhance our own satisfaction with our common work environment, such as guidelines on the use of meeting rooms.

During the year we have also formed a Programme Council for LIME Talks that will bring together LIME lectures and seminars to collect activities important to the department under one hat. Please keep an eye open in your communication channels for different events marketed under the LIME Talks umbrella!

Furthermore, the LIME Strategy working group has begun to identify strategies to create the foundation tor further strengthening of LIME's activities.

During the autumn we conducted a work environment questionnaire to obtain an updated view of how things are at LIME, focused on the areas that need most attention based on the central KI Employee Survey from 2017. The results from the 2019 work environment questionnaire were presented and discussed at the LIME Department day in November – thanks all for the clear engagement before and during that day – and an action plan has now been produced in cooperation with the Work environment group.

Action plan based on results from the October 2019 work environment survey

As an action based on the results of the work environment survey, we are planning to arrange workshops on various themes, such as culture and communication at work, how to give and receive constructive feedback, and accessibility and boundaries between work and free time. If you have any suggestions on arrangement and content for the workshops, please contact Therese Wahlström!

Another suggestion is to create a LIME Leadership Development Programme, in order to provide LIME leaders with the best conditions for a well functional leadership role. Therese Wahlsröm will be coordinating this as well, so do not hesitate to contact her with any input you may have.

In the survey, we also noticed a general need to increase knowledge about how to use digital tools more efficiently in our daily work. We have therefore invited Birgitta Lönnerberg, from the KI IT Department, to give us an introduction to Office 365 and Teams (in Swedish) on 13 March, between 13:00-15:00.

Please contact Therese Wahlström if you would like to participate!

LIME, with its rather unique set of topics and competencies at KI, has recently received increased attention from central KI in various areas. Examples include the process to realize the ambitions of Strategy 2030 in which LIME is a learning partner, an investment to strengthen ethics and KI, involvement in data management and, most recently, a commission to compare how regions work with different collaboration models between medical university faculties and health care providers.

During 2019, the educational activities in our three international master's programmes and all other courses, together making up close to one-third of our core activities, have been running in parallel with ongoing research and collaboration projects. We have welcomed six new PhDs students, ten have done the half time control and nine have reached their PhD goal. Hopefully, many of the latter will join the newly formed LIME Junior Faculty group.

At the end of the year, Per Hanvik discontinued his task as the administrative head (AC) of LIME. Until we have recruited a new permanent AC, Lars E Eriksson has taken on this position, something I am very grateful for.

I now look forward to my fourth year as LIME department chair, not least to meet you in connection with the “prefektbesök” I plan to conduct in all groups and units, at the spring Department day 28 April and, most importantly, in informal and spontaneous meetings on floor 4 and at NASP.


Carl Johan Sundberg

Head of Department, Professor