Published: 15-02-2024 10:47 | Updated: 15-02-2024 10:47

6 February 2024: Update to staff at BioNut and MedH

This is a summary of the information meeting that Maria Eriksdotter, head of the Integration project and the former Dean of KI South, held together with Janne Johansson, the departmental head of BioNut, on 6 February on Zoom addressing all staff at BioNut and MedH.

Short re-cap of the retreat for group and team leaders on 1-2 February

Around 70 people attended the retreat for group leaders and team leaders on 1-2 February. The main focus was to get to know each other and together start to build a robust, creative and inspiring research environment into the future. Petter Höglund, head of MedH, and Janne Johansson, head of BioNut, were in charge of the programme which included, among other things, a brief Speed dating, an inspirational talk by Gunnar von Heijne, Professor in Biochemistry at Stockholm University, followed by a panel discussion about how to build and maintain a successful scientific environment and group discussions on possible new and innovative projects at MedH after the merge.

The inputs and outcomes from the retreat will be taken to the strategic task force group for research for follow up and future discussions.

Updates from the task force groups

Maria Eriksdotter summarised the work done since the last meeting and the current plans ahead within the project's task force groups:

  • A plan for the adjusted education organisation at MedH will be proposed by the GUAs at BioNut and MedH in February.
  • Transfer of courses from BioNut to MedH in the education database Selma is ongoing.
  • Transfer of the PhD-students´ Individual Study Plans (40) from BioNut to MedH will take place in Q2.
  • Data from several IT-systems will be transferred from BioNut to MedH in mid April.
  • A page with Questions and Answers (QA) about the project has now been published on the web.

Updates regarding the Timeline 

  • Preparation for transfer of data in the IT systems from BioNut to MedH: January and February.
  • Actual transfer of project accounts etc: mid April.
  • Actual transfer of courses: From January.
  • Quality assurance –test all changes are correct: May.
  • The joint administration of MedH and BioNut will move to floor 8 in Neo:  April 8.
  • Integration ready:  by June 30.

Finally, there was an opportunity for dialogue and questions.

Regular information meetings

Everyone at BioNut and MedH is invited to regular information meetings in Zoom during the course of the project (see the calendar or Outlook). There will be time to ask questions and hear more about what steps are being taken to integrate BioNut with MedH. This was the sixth information meeting.

Please note in your calendars that the next meeting is scheduled to be a hybrid meeting with lunch sandwich/wrap served after the meeting for those present. This meeting is scheduled for Monday 11 March, at 11:15-12:00 and will be held in Jan-Åke Gutsafssonsalen.

After the 11 March meeting, dates have been set for information meetings on the following days at 12:15-12:45:

  • Tuesday 26 March
  • Tuesday 16 April
  • Tuesday 7 May
  • Tuesday 28 May
  • Tuesday 18 June

Welcome to join us in person on 11 March!