Published: 24-11-2021 16:55 | Updated: 24-11-2021 16:57

4,5MSEK from Cancerfonden to MedH researcher at CIM

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Photo: Kseniya Hartvigsson

Congratulations to the four researchers at MedH who received funds from Cancerfonden 2022-2024. Karl-Johan Malmberg at CIM receives 4,5MSEK.

Research projects granted

Karl-Johan Malmberg, CIM

Title: "A cell therapy platform based pn NKG2c+ adaptive natural killer cells"
Funding granted: 4 500 000 kr

Mattias Carlsten, HERM

Title: "Fixing the bug: Engineering an efficient clinical immunotherapy strategy for leukemia by improving the in vivo persistence and tumor homing capacity of adoptively infused NK cells"
Funding granted: 3 000 000 kr

Magnus Tobiasson, HERM

Title: "Minimal residual disease (MRD)-targeted treatment to improve outcome of allogeneic stem cell transplantation for patients with myelodysplastic syndrome"
Funding granted: 3 yr * 3 month

Petter Höglund, HERM

Title: "Platelet funcion in leukemia and immune responses to platelet transfusions: clinical and experimental studies"
Funding granted: 3 000 000 kr