Published: 06-11-2014 15:39 | Updated: 07-11-2014 13:13

33 million SEK grant to research project "New biomarkers for early diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer's"

Professor Agneta Nordberg, PI, at the Division of Translational Alzheimer Neurobiology, has received a grant of 33 million SEK from the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research for the project "Nya biomarkörer vid tidig diagnos och behandling av Alzheimers".

Bild på Agneta Nordberg

Co-applicants are professor Hans Ågren at KTH, Professor Bengt Långström at Uppsala University, Professor Christer Halldin at CNS, KI, Professor Lars-Olof Wahlund at NVS, KI, Associate professor Eric Westman at NVS, KI and Professor Laura Fratiglioni, ARC, KI.

Congratulations to you all!