Published: 18-02-2022 13:44 | Updated: 22-02-2022 16:39

3 quick questions to MedH:s Chemical safety officer

Meet Elisabeth Raschperger, MedH:s new Chemical safety officer.

Elisabeth Raschperger, Department of Medicine, Huddinge. Photo: Private

What do you work with?

I'm the contact person at MedH and link to the central chemical safety coordinator at the environment and safety unit (UF). I also manage the KLARA chemical database at KI, a register of chemical products and biotechnical organisms that may pose a risk to health and /or environment. 

My job is to ensure that the database is up to date regarding the KI premises, research groups, users and assigned permissions. I also provide service to users of the KLARA barcodes and offer support in risk assessments. During the annual chemical inventory, I act as a support function for chemical inventories. I also ensure that our researchers follow the rules when handling dangerous chemical products.

Tell us about your other roles at MedH!

Since January 2022, I'm the new Manager at Neo and responsible for strategic and operational issues concerning the building. You find me on the 8th floor, room 8523. I also have an administrative function at the core facility SICOF at MedH.

How do we achieve a good work environment?

It's important that employees dare to be open and transparent about large and small incidents, so we can improve our work environment at MedH. It's also necessary with cooperation, a good tone and social interaction among employees to create a pleasant and safe workplace.