Published: 05-07-2022 13:28 | Updated: 06-07-2022 09:09

3 Minute Thesis Competition

In an online event, 30 July, you will have the chance to present your PhD project together with participants from 7 universities member of the Alliance - NeurotechEU-The European University of Brain and Technology.

The NeurotechEU Student Council is pleased to invite you to participate in this competition.

How to enter the competition

To participate, you have to send us an abstract of 250 words of your research, and from all of you 4 people will be selected to participate in the competition event. You have until 14 July.

Abstract submission link

Your research must be presented following the methodology of three minute thesis and will be recorded.

If you are selected

There will be one session per university and at the end of it, one winner will be selected from each university to attend the Donders Cognition, Brain and Technology summer school (15th edition) on September 5-16 2022 with all the expenses paid.

Besides, the winners will have the chance to present their research in full format to a large audience of established researchers at the NeurotechEU in-person event that will be held on 11-13 September.