Published: 28-09-2023 10:56 | Updated: 15-11-2023 11:45

28 September 2023: Update to staff at BioNut and MedH

This text was sent by e-mail from Maria Eriksdotter, Dean of KI South, to all staff at BioNut and MedH on 28 September 2023.

Dear staff at BioNut and MedH, 

As a follow-up to the meeting and information from KI’s President on 12 September, that BioNut is to be wound up and merged with MedH, I would like to update you on the continued process. 

KI’s President made a policy decision (inriktningsbeslut) on the reorganization on 14 September, read more on the Staff portal. As Dean of KI South, I have been appointed by the President to be in charge of the process from now until the integration is completed by June 30, 2024. 

The university management will clear BioNut’s deficit with central funds. The integration will not have any adverse financial or strategic consequences for BioNut’s and MedH´s research groups, education or core facilities. 

The process is now ongoing and the following steps are being taken: 

  1. Finalization of a steering group appointed by KI’s President and chaired by me, the Dean of KI South. The steering group will be responsible for the process and include among others, the chairs of BioNut and MedH.
  2. Appointment of Agneta Wallin Levinowitz as project manager starting from 2 October. She has a PhD from KI in molecular biology and is very experienced in leading large projects. She will report to the steering group.
  3. Establishment of a project group to which several working groups will be appointed focusing on different aspects of the integration.
    • The project group will make risk assessments that analyze the effects and consequences of the reorganization - and identify possibilities.
    • The project group will also suggest a time schedule for the reorganization. 

Until the reorganization is final and formally decided (by June 30, 2024), BioNut and MedH will of course go on and operate as they do today.

I have had several meetings with your heads of department Janne Johansson and Petter Höglund together with your administrative heads Thomas Tinglöv and Klas Karlsson. Our dialogue has been very positive and constructive. 

Yesterday, I had a fruitful discussion with the other heads and administrative heads at KI South, who are very supportive. In the afternoon at the President’s meeting with all department heads at KI, I informed them about the process, which was well received. 

There are of course challenges in this process but there are also possibilities. I really do believe this is the way to go forward. I invite you all to work together with us, the management of BioNut and MedH, the project manager and the project group (when it is in place) and me. We are working to establish a routine of updating you on the process, and I will also continually update you on the work of the steering group. 

I realize there are many questions and concerns. I advise you to direct them to your line manager, but feel free to contact me anytime. 

I will attend the Neo pub on 4 October and look forward to meeting many of you there!

Best Maria

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Maria Eriksdotter

Professor/Senior Physician