Published: 20-12-2023 15:42 | Updated: 20-12-2023 19:53

20 december 2023: Update to staff at BioNut and MedH

This is a summary of the information meeting that Maria Eriksdotter, Dean of KI South, together with the departmental heads of MedH and BioNut as well as the project manager, held on 20 December on Zoom addressing all staff at BioNut and MedH.

A warm thank you for joining the after work on 1 December at Södra teatern! Those of you who could not be there can get a glimpse in the news article on the Staff Portal.

Decision on INDI for 2024

MedH's research INDI (21,53%) will be used for both BioNut and MedH from 1 January 2024. The costs for lower research INDI for BioNut of 3% will be covered by central funds (omställningskostnader). 

MedH's education INDI (1% lower than BioNut's) will be used for both BioNut and MedH. The costs for lower education INDI for BioNut of 1% will also be covered by central funds (omställningskostnader).

The basis for these decisions by the KI leadership has been prepared by the project's task force group for finance. 

MedH administration to move in April 2024

In April 2024 the MedH administration will move from the hospital premises to floor 8 in Neo together with BioNut administration to be closer to the core operations (kärnverksamheten). Remodelling costs (ombyggnadskostnader) and one year rent will be covered by central funds (omställningskostnader).

Matti Sällberg New Dean for KI South from 1 January 2024

A warm welcome to professor Matti Sällberg, who has been appointed new Dean of KI South from 1 January 2024. He is a former head of the department LabMed. 

Current Dean of KI South, Mia Eriksdotter, will continue to be responsible for the project of integrating BioNut with MedH until it is completed 30 June, 2024. She will be in regular contact with the new dean to keep him up to date on the progress of the project.

Developments in the task force groups

The project manager Agneta Wallin Levinovitz summarised the work done so far and the current plans ahead within the project's task force groups:

  • Tentative migration of IT systems will begin in April 2024, a more detailed timeline will be available early next year.
  • The transfer of courses and programmes planned to start in the autumn of 2024 will take place in Q1 2024.
  • Work to develop the new education organization at MedH has started.
  • A more detailed timeline of the integration as well as a page for questions and answers (QA) will be added to the web page for the project in January. 

Petter Höglund, head of MedH and Janne Johansson, head of BioNut, described how the strategic working group for research are working to involve more researchers in the plans for the future. One important occasion is the retreat for group leaders and team leaders at BioNut and MedH on 1-2 February - don't forget to sign up! 

A timeline and upcoming events were also presented and are published on the webpage

Finally, there was an opportunity for dialogue and questions answered by the dean, the two heads and project manager.

Regular information meetings

Everyone at BioNut and MedH is invited to regular information meetings in Zoom during the course of the project (see the calendar or Outlook). There will be time to ask questions and hear more about what steps are being taken to integrate BioNut with MedH. This was the fourth and final information meeting for 2023. 

Dates have now been set for Information meetings in 2024 on the following Tuesdays at 12:15-12:45:

  • January 16 
  • February 6
  • March 5
  • March 26
  • April 16
  • May 7
  • May 28
  • June 18

The meeting closed with wishes for a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!