Published: 18-04-2024 11:03 | Updated: 18-04-2024 11:03

16 April 2024: Update to staff at BioNut and MedH

This is a summary of the digital information meeting that prof Maria Eriksdotter, head of the project steering group, together with the departmental heads of MedH and BioNut held on 16 April addressing all staff at BioNut and MedH. President of KI, Annika Östman Wernerson and University Director, Veronika Sundström also joined the meeting for dialogue and questions.

Maria Eriksdotter started the meeting with a brief summary of the project so far. The different task force groups within the project are working hard to make good progress with the two project goals:

  1. Integration of BioNut's support and core operations through the establishment of BioNut as a seventh unit at MedH.
  2. Risk, consequence and possibility analyzes carried out.

Many meetings ensuring broad cooperation and new collaborations

There have been many meetings to ensure a broad cooperation between the departments and the Professional Services. There have also been a number of social initiatives and a research retreat to inspire new collaborations. On 16 April, BioNut’s PhD-students were also invited to a meeting with prof Mattias Svensson, director of doctoral education at MedH. 

Earlier this month an important physical change was successfully implemented when MedH’s and BioNut’s Professional Services (admin teams) moved in together on floor 8 in Neo

Handling consequences and risks

The consequence and risk assessment (RKB) to identify effects on the work environment, and whether it entails risks of ill health has been completed and will now be addressed with the protection organisation. There are two ongoing risk analyses:

  • Risk analysis with focus on economy, HR, research education and education
  • Risk analysis by the strategic task force group for research

The Staff Portal has continually been updated with information on the progress of the integration from the project group. 

Updates of administrative systems 

Many updates and transfers have been made in the administrative systems. For example:

  • 116 employees in Primula
  • 96 affiliations in UBW
  • 311 projects in UBW
  • 186 project numbers in Companion
  • 27 courses on graduate level

On Sunday 14 April all economic data in UBW was migrated from BioNut to MedH in a joint effort by MedH, BioNut and the Professional Services. The work included:

  • Inventory of balances of all old projects 
  • 311 projects migrated
  • 222 agreements (avtal) migrated
  • 400 fixed assets (anläggningar) migrated 
  • Reversed all accruals (periodiseringar) and re-accounted future accruals from BioNut to MedH
  • Reference numbers in the archiving system W3D3 
  • Reconnected 395 FOID (Forskar-ID) 
  • Ensured the correct delivery address of 272 people.

Instructions for BioNut staff

As has been communicated earlier by e-mail and on the Staff Portal, it is important that BioNut staff from now on: 

  • Only use the new project numbers at BioNut "H7XXXXXX" and no longer the old ones "H2XXXXXX".
  • The closed H2-projects can no longer be used nor viewed in Forskarwebben 
  • All new H7-projects can be viewed in Forskarwebben
  • Access to VIS has been added for everyone.
  • To obtain an overall picture of your finances, use ForskarVyn in VIS.

You can reach Forskarwebben from the Staff portal start page under “digital tools”. All PI:s, project leaders and managers will be invited to a meeting onhow to use Forskarwebbenc/ForskarVyn on 2 May 2024. 

Please e-mail if you have any questions about Forskarwebben or ForskarVyn. 

Financial status

The historical debt at BioNut of 27.2 MSEK was settled by KI central funds in December 2023. The budget for the government’s allocation (statsanslaget) to BioNut and MedH will be separate and maintained for 2024. From 2025 there will be one common budget for the government’s allocation. More details are available in the update from the information meeting in January.

A big thank you from the university management

“The work you are all doing to facilitate the integration is important to us and to KI. We are grateful for all your efforts and we realise that this project raises questions about careers and the future of KI. Despite challenges I believe this will lead to interesting new collaborations both within research and education and I encourage synergies between the two,“ said the president, Annika Östman Wernerson. 

A question was asked about what could be done to minimize the challenges experienced at Campus Flemingsberg, concerning for example better infrastructure for research. 

“We in the university management are committed to supporting equal conditions for research and education at our different campuses. This entails many different aspects and is also addressed in many of the strategic focus areas that involve all of KI,” said Annika Östman Wernerson.

Both the president and the university director, Veronika Sundström applauded the good cooperation between professional services on the different levels in the project. 

“I am amazed at the hard work you do and realize that a lot of your work is not noticed by most of us- it is when things don’t work that we notice the amount of work necessary. I am also happy to see the social initiatives within the project because I think it is through new collaborations that we can take KI into the future,” said Veronika Sundström.

Maria Eriksdotter ended the meeting with a warm thank you to everyone. 

Upcoming meetings

Everyone at BioNut and MedH is invited to regular information meetings in Zoom during the course of the project (see the calendar or Outlook). There will be time to ask questions and hear more about what steps are being taken to integrate BioNut with MedH. This was the ninth information meeting. The next meeting is scheduled for 7 May with updates on education and doctoral education. 

Dates have been set for information meetings in 2024 on the following Tuesdays at 12:15-12:45 on Zoom:

  • May 7
  • May 28
  • June 18

Everyone is also warmly welcome to the next After Work on 17 May at Södra teatern -same venue as last time. More information to come!