Published: 09-05-2023 08:08 | Updated: 09-05-2023 08:08

150 students June 2 am ANA 8, floor 9

Photo: Pixabay

June 2 am: Running out of school for students

150 students from Widerströmska Gymnasiet will gather in 9Q during the morning of June 2. As per the normal gymnasium graduation, they will run out to a lot of cheering and family celebrations.

Employees from Widerströmska will decorate the inside and outside 9Q on the days before and will be on site on June 2 to help the students find their way.

The reason this change in venue is due to a coordination failure between KI and Widerströmska, in NEO. The move is made so that it does not interfere with planned exams and a thesis defense scheduled at the same time.

Contact person before 2 June:

Property Manager Anette Lebbad, 08-524 865 20, 070-281 29 34
Property Management l Karolinska Institutet

Contact persons during the morning of 2 June:

Security guard Campus Flemingsberg: 08-524 860 60

Security coordinator Christian Nerpin, 08-524 860 99

Security coordinator Torgny Norén, 08-524 865 40