Published: 15-11-2023 16:47 | Updated: 15-11-2023 16:48

15 November 2023: Update to staff at BioNut and MedH

This is a summary of the information meeting that Maria Eriksdotter, Dean of KI South, together with the departmental heads of BioNut and MedH and the project leader, held on 15 November on Zoom addressing all staff at BioNut and MedH.

Maria Eriksdotter presented the goals of the project to integrate BioNut with MedH:

  • Integration of BioNut's activities through the establishment of a division at MedH.
  • Risk, consequence and possibility analyses carried out.
  • Identify opportunities for research and education in the new organization.
  • Administrative transfer of functions at BioNut to MedH.
  • Local and central union cooperation. 

She also gave an update on the ongoing work:

  • The steering group appointed by KI’s President and chaired by the Dean of KI South had its first meeting on 26 October, next is 16 November. 
  • The project group have had 2 meetings so far.
  • The majority of the task force groups have been appointed and meets regularly.
  • Continuous dialogue with the trade unions.

The project leader Agneta Wallin Levinovitz described the process of the project’s risk and impact analysis:

  • The employer must always carry out a risk and impact analysis before a reorganisation to identify any effects on your work environment, and whether it entails risks of ill health or accidents at work that need to be remedied. 
  • All risks will be documented in writing and classified according to seriousness.
  • The measures required will be implemented immediately or documented in an action plan.
  • A workshop with relevant union representatives will be held on 27 November - led by Patrik Emanuelsson, Central HR together with Matteo Pedrelli, chief security officer (huvudskyddsombud).

Agneta Wallin Levinovitz also presented the task force groups that have been established in the project so far:

Colleagues with competence relevant for the task force in question from both departments are part of the task force groups. Additional competences will be added when needed. In the majority of the groups the work has started. 

Matilda Pearson from the task force group for communication presented a new web page on the project of integrating BioNut and MedH. This is an overall source of information where all staff can expect to find the latest updates on the project. It is linked from the staff portals of both departments and available in Swedish and English. Some information on upcoming meetings and news will only be available when you log in to the staff portal. More information about the task force groups will be published on the web page shortly. 

The departmental heads invited all staff at BioNut and MedH to join them for a first “Get-to-know-each-other-after-work” on 1 December at Kristallen, Södra teatern, Mosebacke torg 1-3.

A timeline and upcoming events were also presented and are published on the webpage

Finally, there was an opportunity for dialogue and questions answered by the dean, heads of department and project manager. 

Everyone at BioNut and MedH is invited to regular information meetings in Zoom during the course of the project (see the calendar or Outlook). There will be time to ask questions and hear more about what steps are being taken to integrate BioNut with MedH. This was the second information meeting and will be followed by two more meetings this semester: 

  • 29 November at 11-11:30
  • 20 December at 11-11:30

Additional meetings will be scheduled for 2024.