Published: 11-03-2024 15:30 | Updated: 13-03-2024 15:12

11 March 2024: Update to staff at BioNut and MedH

This is a summary of the hybrid information meeting that prof Maria Eriksdotter, head of the project steering group, together with the departmental heads of MedH and BioNut held on 11 March addressing all staff at BioNut and MedH with a special focus on updates in digital systems such as Primula and UBW.

Why and what is being done to update the digital systems?

This is a complicated task being prepared by all task force groups in the project, coordinated by the systems group led by Fredrik Strålind. 

  • Digital identities for all staff at BioNut must be updated within MedH’s structure.
  • Technical changes are scheduled ahead of the formal integration 30 June to ensure a smooth implementation with time for trouble shooting.
  • Over 50 digital systems will be affected, having to do with everything from archiving to research support, digital learning environments, education administration and shell protection. 
  • The first updates will be made in the personnel system Primula which in turn feeds information to other systems like UBW, IDAC and the website. 
  • Updates of other systems are still being planned and more information will be shared later on. 

A news item was published last week to summarise the current work being done to update the digital systems.

Temporary limited access to UBW and Primula/the PA-web 

Staff at BioNut:

  • should not report personnel cases in Primula/the PA-web (e.g. holiday applications and travel expenses) between 10 March and 1 April. Please contact local HR if you need assistance during this period. 
  • must use the ZZ code for MedH (H7) in UBW starting from 23 March. The last active day for BioNut's ZZ code (H2) is on 22 March. All new financial cases in UBW (e.g. orders) must be made as MedH from 23 March. However, existing and old cases can still be processed as BioNut. 

Examples on where you will notice the change:

  • Profile pages on the staff portal and RIMS
  • Account information in Teams and other M365 applications
  • Your payslip
  • ZZ-references: If James Bond worked at BioNut his ZZ-reference would change from ZZH2jambon to ZZH7jambon.

Key dates for updates in the systems

Key dates so far for updates in the systems
Date Action
10 March Last day to report and approve personnel cases in Primula/the PA-web. 
22 March Last day to use BioNut (H2) as code of reference for economic transactions in economic systems like UBW.
23 March H7 prefix replaces H2 in code of reference for economic transactions in economic systems like UBW.
1 April Updates in Primula go live: BioNut staff will be shown as organised under MedH in systems like Primula, IDAC and the staff portal. Primula/the PA-web reopens for reporting personnel cases from BioNut.
4 April Closing of BioNut’s and MedH’s economic accounts, including separate financial statements for Q1.
14 April Manual transfer of all economic data from BioNut to MedH. All active projects updated with new prefix H7 instead of H2.
TBA Updates in other systems.
1 July BioNut fully integrated in MedH as a unit.

Cecilia Modig presented the work of the task force group for finance

Achieved: Set up new structure in Primula. Projects posted in UBW and linked to Primula. Preparations for moving authorizations in UBW from H2 to H7. Moving inventory.

Ongoing: Detailed planning to integrate BioNut and MedH regarding financial data for about 20 research groups. Activities include moving project balances, fixed assets, research grant agreements, telephony and IT. 

Upcoming: Special work effort on April 14 with the support of economists from all three departmental groups (South, North and Solna) as well as central persons from the finance department and the IT department.

Participants: Cecilia Modig, Charlotta Kubu and Ilona Hedin (Finance Department), Elin Leandersson and Thomas Tinglöv (BioNut), Johanna Sandelius and Klas Karlsson (MedH).

Jenny Wärnlund presented the work of the task force group for HR

Completed: Risk and impact analysis from an HR perspective and activity plan for the project. BioNut is set up as a department at MedH in Primula.

Ongoing: Employment and affiliations will be moved from BioNut to MedH. Accounts for employees will be changed.

Upcoming: Handling of delegations (greatest impact for employees at BioNut).

Participants: Jenny Wärnlund (HR department), Thomas Tinglöv and Eva Nordlander (BioNut), Annamaj Stolt and Klas Karlsson (MedH).

Update from the strategic task force group for research 

Petter Höglund and Janne Johansson shorty described the ongoing and planned broader and strategic discussions to identify risks and possibilities for research in the integrated department. 

Questions and answers

Some questions were asked about possible risks of payments going wrong when the systems update. Cecilia Modig, who leads the task force group for finance, said that the group will be monitoring the economic systems closely and take action where needed. The updates of the systems are prepared by the project group in a way that is meant to disrupt day to day work as little as possible. 

Another question was asked about what is being done to prepare for the large number of PhD-students to be integrated from BioNut with MedH. There is a task force group in the project working specifically with the question of doctoral education. Head of MedH, Petter Höglund said that the plan is to integrate them in MedH’s current structure where prof Mattias Svensson is the Director of Doctoral Education. 

Maria Eriksson ended the meeting by inviting all on site participants to mingle with lunch sandwiches. 

Upcoming meetings

There will be a housewarming at the administration’s new facilities on NEO floor 8 in late April or May as well as another AW. Dates will be announced as soon as possible. 

Everyone at BioNut and MedH is invited to regular information meetings in Zoom during the course of the project (see the calendar or Outlook). There will be time to ask questions and hear more about what steps are being taken to integrate BioNut with MedH. This was the seventh information meeting. The next meeting is scheduled for 26 March with updates on education and doctoral education. 

Dates have been set for information meetings in 2024 on the following Tuesdays at 12:15-12:45:

  • March 26
  • April 16 – attended by President Annika Östman Wernerson and University director Veronika Sundström
  • May 7
  • May 28
  • June 18