Published: 2020-06-24 15:38 | Updated: 2020-06-24 15:40

Welcome Amanda Nyberg – new HR officer at the Department management

Amanda Nyberg. Photo: Private

1) What is your mission at NVS?/What are you going to work with?

I will work as a human resources officer and handle various HR issues at NVS.

2) Which division will you work at?

NVS's Department Managment

3) What are you looking forward at most with your new job?

I am very much looking forward to learning more about KI's activities and getting to know new people here. It will be fun and instructive to work with HR issues at NVS and I hope to contribute to the development in the HR area.

4) Where do you come from right now and what have you done before?

I most recently came from the Equality Ombudsman where I had a similar HR role and before that I worked in the Swedish Armed Forces.

5) What do you do when you are not at work?

When I'm not at work, I usually spend time with family and friends. I also try a little cultivation in the garden.

6) What do you read right now?

“Allt jag fått lära mig” (Tara Westover Reading).

7) What is the most beautiful place that you ever have visited?

Difficult question, there are so many nice places. Kefalonia in Greece was very beautiful.

8) What makes you really happy?

I am happy to meet friends and family (physically or as it sometimes turns out now - digitally). Right now I am also happy that we have a bright and hopefully warm summer ahead of us.