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Symposium: Young Researchers in Hematology

29-01-2020 9:00 am
Aula Sune Bergström, Bioclinicum, Karolinska Solna

Welcome to the Young Researchers in Hematology Symposium!
Wednesday January 29th, 2020 in Aula Sune Bergström, Bioclinicum, Karolinska Solna


Organizers: Mattias Carlsten, Marzia Palma, Bianca Tesi, Johan Törlén, Johanna Ungerstedt on behalf of the FoUU committee PO Hematology KI/K

9.00-9.15 Welcome

9.15-10.15 Keynote lecture
Edward Smith. How studies on an inherited immunodeficiency (XLA) resulted in a new class of leukemia drugs (ibrutinib).

10.45-11.30 Coffee break

10.45-11.30 Real world data in Hematology. Chair Marzia Palma, Johan Törlén
Tove Wästerlid.
Ongoing real-world studies on lymphoma: prediction of risk, prognosis and long-term outcomes.
Anna Ravn-Landtblom. Myeloproliferative neoplasms and Swedish registers.
Mari Wilhelmson. Late effects after allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantation for pediatric AML.

11.30-12.15 Genetics. Chair Bianca Tesi
Vasilios Zachariadis, Joint genomic and gene expression profiling of single cells in ALL.
Hassan Foroughi. Reliability and reproducibility of bioinformatic workflows for cancer diagnostics.
Lucia Peña Perez. Phased WGS on 240 FACS sorted cells for comprehensive genetics in multiple myeloma.

12.15-13.15 LUNCH

13.15-14.00 Immunology. Chair Mattias Carlsten
Petter Brodin. Systems-level immunomonitoring in human patients.
Lucas Arruda. Taking a BITE out AML/MDS: CD34 as a target for BITE therapy.
Melanie Lambert. Genetic engineering of lymphocytes to improve their homing capacity.

14.00-14.45 Hematopoiesis & stroma. Chair Johanna Ungerstedt
Marios Dimitriou. Stem and progenitor cells genetics as a predictor of MRD during treatment of myelodysplastic syndromes.
Ninib Baryawno. Microenvironmental changes in malignancies of the bone marrow through the single-cell lens.
Isabel Hofman. Identification of a potential stress erythropoiesis pathway in human bone marrow.

14.45-15.15 Coffee break

15.15-16.15 Workshops in parallel
1. Anethe Mansén. Career service (for PhD stud and post docs)
2. Paul Dickman. Statistics and epidemiology
3. Andreas Lennartsson. Epigenetics for beginners

16.15-16.25 Break

16.25-17.10 Short project pitches
Maria Bruzelius. Clinical research in thrombosis and hemostasis.
Cecilia Arthur. Cell free tumor DNA in plasma for minimally invasive monitoring of childhood leukemia.
Maria Creignou. High Throughput Targeted DNA Sequencing of 1000 Swedish patients with myelodysplastic syndrome.
Nikolas Herold. Translational research on targeting antimetabolite resistance in acute myeloid leukaemia.
Katarina Holmberg & Linda Eriksson. Symptom frequency and distress after allogeneic HSCT.
Magali Merrien. Effects of cannabinoids on malignant B cells and nonmalignant leukocytes in patients with indolent B cell leukemia.
Oksana Goroshchuk. RNAi against pediatric leukemia.

17.10-17.25 Concluding remarks

17.25-20.00 Food and Mingle

Please register at the latest January 10, by the link below!




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Conferences and symposiums
Understanding the pathobiology of lymphoid malignancies

10-02-2020 1:00 pm - 5:05 pm
Karolinska University Hospital, Solna
Bioclinicum, J3:04 Torsten N Wiesel

Mini-symposium on lymphoid malignancies in honour of Visiting Professor Kostas Stamatopoulos.



13.00-13.10 Welcome, introduction, Richard Rosenquist Brandell

13.10-13.40 An immunogenetic perspective to B cell lymphoma ontogeny, Kostas Stamatopoulos

13.40-14.10 Mantle cell lymphoma - a spectrum from indolent to aggressive disease, Birgitta Sander

14.10-14.40 Translating CLL genomics into clinical utility, Richard Rosenquist Brandell

14.40-15.00 Coffee break

15.00-15.30 Understanding the genomic landscape of diffuse large B cell lymphoma, Qian Pan-Hammarström

15.30-16.00 New insights in the pathobiology of anaplastic large cell lymphoma, Georgios Rassidakis

16.00-16.30 Update on the BioLymph study, Karin Ekström-Smedby

16.30-17.00 Immune effects of targeted therapy in CLL, Marzia Palma

17.00-17.05 Meeting wrap-up, Richard Rosenquist Brandell


Registration deadline (free of charge): February 5th.

For registration and information, please email Tatjana Åkerblom (



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Conferences and symposiums
DNA transactions retreat KI 2020 for doctoral students

29-01-2020 10:15 am to
30-01-2020 11:30 am
Campus Solna
Inghesalen, Tomtebodavägen 18 A, Solna

Ingehsalen, January 29th & 30th 2020

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The retreat provides PhD students at KI the opportunity to deepen their knowledge by attending talks from the invited groups, discuss their research during a poster session in a nation-wide setting and develop a network of professional peers.

It is open for all doctoral students at KI with interest in the field and will gather participants from other Swedish universities. Invited speakers from Umeå, Linköping, Gothenburg and Stockholm universities will cover different topics in the field, including replication, segregation, repair of nuclear and mitochondrial chromosomes, transcription regulation, and DNA structure and topology. The retreat is free of cost for the participants.

Doctoral student organisation team: Miki Igarashi, Vladislav Kuzin, Martin Scherzer.

Faculty sponsors and supervisor team: Camilla Björkegren, Lena Ström, Laura Baranello.


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Conferences and symposiums
Emerging Topics in Artificial Intelligence

24-08-2020 to

We are organizing a conference on “Emerging Topics in Artificial Intelligence”, which will take place from 23-27 August 2020 in San Diego, USA.


The aim of this conference is to bring together experts from different fields to discuss new applications of artificial intelligence to biomedicine, neuroimaging, microscopy, active matter and photonics.

Importantly, this conference will also count with the participation of industry to foster commercialization and utilization opportunities.

Please find more detailed information about the topics that will be covered at: 

The period for abstract submission is now open.

Please forward this information to anyone who might be interested.


Best wishes,

Joana B. Pereira (Karolinska Institute) 
Giovanni Volpe (Gothenburg University)
Aydogan Ozcan (University of California)
Daniel Brunner (Institut Franche-Comte Electronique Mecanique Thermique et Optique)



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Conferences and symposiums
Stockholm Life Science Conference 2020

27-05-2020 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Campus Solna
Lecture hall, Biomedicum, Nobels väg 9

This will be a dynamic event where we will co-create the life science ecosystem of tomorrow. Sweden and the greater Stockholm region have a vibrant life science sector. The ambitions are high and the challenges increasingly complex. For this reason, let’s come together to transform the life science ecosystem through dialogue and collaboration with a focus on evidence and knowledge. We need a critical view from the outside and this is what this conference will provide.


The keynote speaker Scott Stern, David Sarnoff Professor of Management at MIT will provide us with a critical external view based on his analysis of cluster-driven life science ecosystems.

The program begins with an overview of the Life Science Sweden Strategy by Jenni Nordborg, national coordinator and head of the Swedish government’s office for life sciences. Karolinska Institutet President Ole Petter Ottersen, who took the initiative for this conference, and Stockholm County Mayor Iréne Svenonius will present the purpose of this conference in the context of initiatives to secure the region as a driving force for realising Stockholm’s and Sweden’s potential in the life sciences. A follow-up seminar will be arranged.

Conference chair: Nina Rawal, PhD, Founder of emerging health ventures.

This conference is organized by Karolinska Institutet in collaboration with Region Stockholm, Stockholm University and KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

Participation is by invitation only.  You may submit requests for additional attendees by emailing their contact details to Additional seats are subject to availability.

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Conferences and symposiums
Open symposium in Nobel Forum: Oxygen sensing, Cancer and Beyond

09-12-2019 8:30 am - 6:00 pm
Campus Solna
Nobel Forum, Nobels väg 1, Solna

Welcome to an open symposium celebrating the achievements of The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine on 9 December between 08:30-18:00. No registration required.


Topic of the day

"Oxygen Sensing, Cancer and Beyond"


Department of Microbiology, Tumor and Cell Biology


Susanne Schlisio and Qing Zhang.

Confirmed speakers

Keynote Speakers:

Celeste Simon, University of Pennsylvania and Randall Johnson, Karolinska Institutet

Other speakers:

  • Mircea Ivan, Indiana Uni. School of Medicine
  • William Kim, UNCLineberger Cancer Center
  • Haifeng Yang, Thomas Jefferson University
  • Peppi Koivunen, University of Oulu
  • Julie Aurore Losman, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
  • Matthew Oser, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
  • Vidyasagar Koduri, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
  • Qing Zhang, UT Southwestern
  • Samuel Kent McBrayer, UT Southwestern
  • James Brugarolas, UT Southwestern
  • Elizaveta Benevolenskaya, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Martin Bergö, Karolinska Institutet
  • Susanne Schlisio, Karolinska Institutet
  • Remarks by  the Nobel Prize laurate William G. Kaelin Jr
Registration and Coffee
Welcome: Susanne Schlisio (Karolinska Institutet

Chairs: Dr. Qing Zhang and Dr. James Brugarolas, UT Southwestern

Keynote Lecture: "Oxygen and Physiology: the untold story"

Dr. Randall Johnson, Karolinska Institutet

“NORS: A Novel Noncoding O2-Sensitive Regulator of Sterol Biosynthesis”

Dr. Mircea Ivan, Indiana University School of Medicine

“The dark side of 2-oxoglutarate”

Dr. Julie-Aurore Losman, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Coffee and posters
“Oxygen and oncometabolite sensing by 2-oxoglutarate-dependent enzymes”

Dr. Peppi Koivunen , University of Oulu

“Redox regulation of lung cancer metastasis”

Dr. Martin Bergö, Karolinska Institutet

"The analysis of PBRM1, the second highest mutated gene in kidney cancer”

Dr. Haifeng Yang, Thomas Jefferson University

“Improving Immunotherapy for Bladder Cancer”

Dr. William Kim, UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center

Lunch and posters
Remarks by: Dr. William G. Kaelin, Nobel Prize laurate

Chairs: Dr. Julie-Aurore Losman, Dana-Farber and Dr. William Kim, UNC

Keynote Lecture: “Hypoxia, Metabolism, and Tumor Progression”

Dr. Celeste Simon, University of Pennsylvania

“Oxygen sensitive regulation of mitochondrial mass”

Dr. Susanne Schlisio, Karolinska Institutet

“At the crossroads of epigenetics and angiogenesis: targeting the undruggable”

Dr. James Brugarolas, UT Southwestern

“HIF-independent synthetic lethality between CDK4/6 inhibition and VHL loss"

Dr. Hilary Nicholson, Dana-Farber

Coffee and posters
“Metabolic Reprogramming by IDH1 Mutations in Glioma”

Dr. Samuel Kent McBrayer, UT Southwestern

“Epigenetic and transcriptional events enabling emergence of drug resistant states”

Dr. Elizaveta Benevolenskaya, University of Illinois at Chicago

“Therapeutic Targets in Small Cell Lung Cancer that are Synthetic Lethal with pRB Loss”

Dr. Matthew Gilbert Oser, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

“A Selection Screen to Identify Spautin-1, A Degrader of IKAROS”

Dr. Vidyasagar Koduri, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Concluding remarks


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Conferences and symposiums
Science outreach symposium on Dementia

23-11-2019 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
Karolinska University Hospital, Solna
Sune Bergströms aula, BioClinicum, Solnavägen 30, Solna

Welcome to a science outreach symposium on the topic of Dementia on Saturday 23 November 2019 in BioClinicum.


What happens in the brain when you suffer from neurodegenerative diseases? Is dementia heredetary? What is going on in research on dementia?

Grab the opportunity to learn more!

All seminars are free of charge but you need to register to the event. Please note the seminars are in Swedish.


Register via e-mail to no later than Friday 15 November 2019.

Programme (in Swedish)


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Conferences and symposiums
NU conference 2020

07-10-2020 to
Campus Flemingsberg

The NU conference is Sweden's largest meeting place for the development of higher education. The conference will take place 7-9 October 2020 in Flemingsberg, among others at Karolinska institutet.


The theme of the NU Conference 2020 is Sustainable learning.

About the conference

NU is a conference that is held every other year and the target group is everyone who is involved in higher education in Sweden.

The purpose of the conference is to promote pedagogical development by offering a meeting place for dialogue and debate.

More information about the NU conference 2020.

Get the conference fee paid

In 2020, no Teacher's Day is planned at KI, but instead encouraged participation at the NU Conference. You as an employee at KI have the opportunity to get the conference fee paid.

Event type
Conferences and symposiums
International symposium: Brain integrative processing through oligomeric receptor complexes

Campus Solna
Nobel Forum, Nobels väg 1, Solna

Welcome to an international symposium on 25 November 2019 at Nobel Forum.



"Brain integrative processing through oligomeric receptor complexes"

Organising committee

Kjell Fuxe, Per Svenningsson, Vladana Vukojevic, Dasiel Oscar Borroto-Escuela

Welcome introduction by Kjell Fuxe at 08:55 and conclusion by Per Svenningsson at 17:30.

Coffee/tea and a lighter lunch available will be served. A dinner in Aula Medica will follow the conference.


Register by e-mail to no later than 18 November 2019.

This scientific conference has been financially supported by the Karolinska Institutet Neuroscience Network 2019.


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