Published: 2020-09-04 08:16 | Updated: 2020-09-07 13:18

Move your data from KI Share – to be discontinued by October 1, 2020

The current version of KI Share will be discontinued on October 1, 2020 and replaced by KI SharePoint Online. If you own a page in KI Share, the IT Office can help you to move your material.

Follow these steps:

1. Delete files you no longer want to keep from KI Share

Delete files you no longer need. You can store the files you want to keep in either a new page in KI SharePoint Online, Teams, or OneDrive.

2a) Contact IT Support to create a new SharePoint page

If you want to continue using SharePoint, please contact by Friday, September 18th (updated from September 11th). Support can create a new page for you. After you have deleted old files, support can move your files to your new page.

2b) Move your files to Teams or OneDrive

If you need fewer features than in SharePoint, you can save your files to Teams or OneDrive. Save your files on your computer. Then upload the files to Teams or OneDrive.

3) Keep your material up to date

Once a year, you will receive an automatic email reminder from Microsoft to save or delete files from KI SharePoint Online.

Good to know about KI SharePoint Online

  • You can easily invite collaborators without a KI account via their email address. To increase security, you can chose to activate multi-factor authentication for them.
  • Spaces in KI SharePoint Online are associated with the person creating the page. If you stop working at KI and want the site(s) to remain, you must designate one or more people as the owner of the site. Otherwise, it will become unavailable.
  • SharePoint Online will send out a reminder once a year if you want to keep your site and/or files. You must confirm by clicking on the link in the email message.