Published: 22-11-2021 15:05 | Updated: 25-11-2021 17:17

News from the environmental and sustainability representative at LIME

Hello Tanja Tomson, you are the environmental and sustainability representative at LIME. We're happy to be able to ask you some questions!

Tanja Tomson
Tanja Tomson

Does KI have an Action plan for environment & climate?

- Yes, after a referral round on the action plan for environment and climate was done the president has decided upon an Action plan for environment & climate 2021-2024.

The next step is to formulate goals and activities, at our department, that will contribute to the common goals. You can read more about the plan on the staff portal:

What is the project “One KI for sustainable development”?

- For almost two years, the project "One KI for sustainable development" has been going on. The purpose has been to create cohesion and to make the issues of sustainable development in research, education and on campus visible. The project ends at the turn of the year and discussions are held on how we carry out the work in the organization and how we can organize ourselves in the future. More information will come as soon as we know more. It is quite clear though that the environmental and sustainability representatives will continue to play a very important role in the future.

What is ongoing regarding sustainable procurement and KI’s climate impact?

- Purchasing and procurement have, as you know, a major impact on the environment and climate. Environmental and climate requirements for what’s purchased is therefore of high importance. To buy more environmentally friendly products from already procured assortments is also important to have in mind. The HUKI-work (Sustainable procurement at KI) continues and right now a routine is being developed for what the process should look like.

- During the autumn, KI's climate impact will be investigated. Right now we are procuring a consultant who will carry out a survey of the emissions that KI generates. The purpose is to find out where we stand today and where we need to focus in the future. This type of investigation is based on the purchases made at KI and we thus gain knowledge of which areas that have the greatest climate impact.

Are there any other updates you would like to share?

- Yes, there are a few things. There will be no internal environmental audits this year. These will be carried through in the spring instead. The reason is that we need to get the action plan in place be- fore the audits, and also have time to review other parts of the environmental management system. Also, we have completed a new procurement regarding auditors and Envima will continue to carry out the audits at KI.

- Do not forget to attend the SDG training available online. Spread it to your colleagues at the departments as well. The goal is for as many people as possible to join it to increase the knowledge of Agenda 2030 and strengthen employees on how they can contribute to the work themselves. A tip is to include it as part of the introduction to new employees.

- Engaging in sustainable development is increasingly becoming essential for major funding. It is also in line with Strategy 2030. There are some sets of SDG cubes to lend. Perfect to decorate a scene with or use as a topic of conversation on a unit day or similar.

Tree on hill.
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- If you are going to buy a gift for an external speaker (who is on site physically or digitally), you can buy tree plantings instead of flowers. Check that the company is serious and does not plant trees on occupied land. For example, “VI-skogen” does a good job and you can use an emissions calculator if you would like to give an incoming lecturer climate compensation for the trip.


Tanja Tomson Principal researcher