Published: 16-02-2023 14:29 | Updated: 16-02-2023 14:30

Migration of home directory to OneDrive

The data storage project implemented by the IT Office has now started the migration of data from the home directories (H:) to OneDrive.

The data storage project implements the migration of home directories (H:) to OneDrive on an department-by-department basis.

The preliminary timetable for the migrations can be found in the table below. If you have worked at another department before, it is possible that your home directory will be moved in connection with that department instead of the one you are currently working at.

You who are affected will receive more information by email when it is getting close to your turn to have your data moved.

Note that this is a preliminary plan that is subject to change.

Schedule for migration of home directory
Department Preliminary date
C7 fri 17/2
C5 mon 20/2
H2 wed 22/2
H1 fri 24/2
H9 tue 28/2
C4 fri 3/3
K7 tue 7/3
C2 fri 10/3
C1 tue 14/3
H7 fri 17/3
C6 tue 21/3
H5 fri 24/3
D1, CC, S1, K8, UF, K6, K9, C3 Migrations completed

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